Woman Gets A Gift Promoting Her From ‘Dog Grandma’

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Being a grandmother is certainly one of the best things in life! So each and every time you become a grandma all over again, it’s special and worthy of celebration. I know many women who are “dog grandmas” meaning their child has a dog whom they spoil and love as if it were a human. But it’s obviously different and carries additional meaning when you first become a grandma in the traditional sense of the word…

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In the video below, we see a woman who is about to get the best promotion of her lifetime! No, it’s not a job promotion. This is a promotion from “Dog Grandma” to “Human Grandma.” Or simpler yet, just Grandma! At first she doesn’t quite understand, but then the realization sets in. 🙂

The daughter gives her mother a surprise gift. It’s a candle that reads, “You’ve been promoted from Dog Grandma to Human Grandma.” She smells the candle and appreciates the gesture but misses the point. So the daughter asks, “Do you not understand?” and then presents an ultrasound.

It all makes sense now, and Grandma is overwhelmed with emotion. What a fun and clever way to break the good news, and it marks the beginning of a grand, new adventure in life! Stick around for the reaction at the end, it doesn’t get much better than this. 🙂

See the amazingly awesome moment in the video below!

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