Grandma Gets To Meet Her First And Only Grandson A Year Later

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Those grandchildren of ours… What would we do without them? It’s one of those things though where you don’t know what you’re missing out on until you experience it for yourself. So having to wait to meet that first grandkid can really test your patience, because you can imagine how great it’ll be, but in reality, you have no idea! 🙂

The grandmother in the video below had to wait over a year to meet her first and only grandson, and it proved to be a very difficult thing. The meeting was ruined due to travel restrictions into Canada, but Mom and Dad came up with a new plan to make this thing happen!

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Because of the pandemic, the borders to Canada closed down. Grandma had a plane ticket in hand but was turned away at the airport. So the parents got to work on getting Emerson his passport so they could make the trip by car!

And that day was more special than anyone could’ve imagined! It was finally happening, and Grandma was overjoyed with it all. It was worth all of the planning and waiting and more, and words can’t really describe this feeling for a new grandmother. Here’s to a long life ahead of spoiling and love! 🙂

See the wonderful moment in the video below!

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