98-Year-Old Grandma Is Visited Every Week By A Talkative Owl

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Sometimes we receive a sign from above. Something to let us know everything is going to be okay and that our loved ones are still with us. For 34-year-old Shai Ward and her grandmother, Ranna, they believe they receive such a sign weekly in the form of a chatty, winged fellow!

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Shai can’t believe the unique bond between her 98-year-old grandma and owl who comes to her porch to visit her almost every day. So she decided to record one of these instances for everyone to see, and I gotta say, I do sense something truly special there!

When the visitor arrives, Ranna will go out on the balcony for a conversation with the bird. They will “chat” back and forth with the owl responding to her with some hoots, and it will even hop on her lap to sit sometimes. The owl just seems so comfortable around this sweet grandma! 🙂

This goes on for a bit for a nice visit before the owl eventually leaves. But it’s never gone for good. And Ranna and Shai have reason to believe this is a loved one from the past checking in on them…

The owl’s very first visit to Grandma’s balcony was on February 24th of this year, exactly two years to the date of Grandpa’s passing. Wow, I have chills! Sometimes things seem like more than just a coincidence, and I really feel there’s something to these wholesome talks. <3

See their wonderful interaction in the video below:

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