Grandma Beats Cancer And Surprises Her Granddaughters 2 Years Later

There’s nothing like a big surprise. And when that surprise has to do with family you haven’t seen in a long time, it’s even better! To top it off, this Grandma had some really good news to deliver to the granddaughters she hadn’t seen in nearly two years! 🙂

In the video below, we have 57-year-old Melissa from Hawaii who was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2021. During her treatment, she was advised to take coronavirus-related precautions. So she wasn’t able to visit or be visited by her daughter, Nia, and granddaughters in South Carolina.

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But near the end of 2022, Grandma was finally cleared to travel. So she decided to surprise Narella, 5, and Elliana, 3, by popping in unannounced! And Mom was ready with the camera… 😉

Melissa hopped on a plane right after a chemo infusion and toughed it out just to see her family. The things we do for love. <3

Upon arrival, one granddaughter yelled out in excitement and the other sat there quietly in shock. After it all sunk in for a moment, the two got up and ran over to give Grandma some big hugs! Melissa is now cancer free, so these visits will be happening a lot more frequently!

See the amazing moment in the video right here!

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