After 14 Months Apart, Little Girl Sneaks Up On Grandma For Her 75th Birthday

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There’s nothing better than a reunion! Especially when that reunion is with a grandchild who you may not have seen for a while due to life circumstances. When the pandemic shut things down, it was a long, lonely year-plus for some of us. So when things began to get back to normal a bit, it was hard to not get excited!

The grandmother in the video below had not seen her granddaughter Franny in 14 months due to the pandemic distancing and separation. And today just so happens to be her 75th birthday. So what better way to celebrate than to see her loved ones in the flesh once again!

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David arrived at his mother’s house to see how she was doing and to wish her a happy birthday, but he also brought with him a gift Grandma certainly wasn’t expecting… That lovely little girl she calls granddaughter! 🙂

Granny’s reaction to this surprise reunion is one to behold as she cannot hold back her emotions! You can sense the relief and pure love in the moment as she realizes the wait is finally over. No more distance and no more barriers. I can’t think of a better way she could’ve celebrated her 75th year on this planet. She’ll never forget this. <3

See the amazing moment in the video here!

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