Elderly Man Is Scared Of The Escalator But Gets A Helping Hand From A Stranger

Sometimes we all just need a little help in life. Even if it’s just a small bump in the right direction or some words of encouragement. The world is a big and scary place, especially for senior citizens like us. Thankfully, there are still good people out there in the world…

At a mall in Massachusetts, an 83-year-old man stood at the top of an escalator frozen in fear. If you’re like me at all, you know these can make you hesitant. Elderly people have issues with the timing and moving parts, so escalators can definitely be scary. Just as the man wondered what he was going to do, a kind stranger stepped in to lend a helping hand.

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That’s when 23-year-old Alonzo Johnson came up and locked arms with the older gentleman and stood beside him the entire way down. He thought to make small talk to get the senior’s mind off of the ride and told him how good he looks!

A hospice nurse saw what was going on and snapped a photo, and it went viral on the internet! It turned out the man had a previous frightening experience on an escalator, so he froze up out of fear. Fortunately, this kind young man happened to be in the right place at the right time to make a difference. 🙂

This young man was certainly raised right! He does credit his mother in bringing him up the right way to do the right thing and help people out wherever and whenever possible. We certainly need more people like them in the world!

See the touching moment in the video right here:

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