Baby’s Early Release Makes For Great Drop-In Opportunity On New Grandparents

When you first get the news that you’re going to be a grandparent, you’re overcome with emotion. You can’t wait for the day that it becomes official and you meet the little one responsible for your new title. But there’s a lot to get through first, and it doesn’t always go as planned in the hospital…

When baby Shai was born prematurely at just 28 weeks and four days, parents Josh and Ximena weren’t sure he was going to make it. The newborn spent the first 8 weeks of his life in the NICU as everyone, including grandparents Timothy and Deborah, waited for some good news.

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Because of hospital restrictions, only the parents were able to visit Shai in the NICU. Then finally, the news came down that the baby was cleared to go home three-and-a-half weeks earlier than originally planned!

Mom and Dad got to working out the exact day, and this allowed them to drop in for a surprise visit to the new grandparents. Timothy and Deborah had been so nervous yet remained patient the entire time, and it just made for an even better first meeting… Check out these reactions! 🙂

See the amazing moment right here in the video!

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