Grandma Looks Everywhere For Her Dentures, And The Dog Has A Brand New Smile

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It’s always nice to have a visit from the grandchildren, even the furry ones! Anna Carolina Lima and her fiancé adopted a little dog named Luna. Luna was found roaming the streets of Brazil trying to fend for herself when she was rescued. Anna caught word of the dog and just had to have her! Luna’s life is so different now, and so much better. And she loves going to Grandma’s! 🙂

Photo credit: Anna Carolina Lima

And on a recent trip to Grandmother’s house, something happened that Anna had to document! Grandma decided to take a quick break and go down for a nap. So like always, she took out her dentures and put them under the pillow to keep track of them. But when she woke up from her midday snooze, the dentures were nowhere to be found…

Photo credit: Anna Carolina Lima

Grandma and the entire family looked all over the home for hours and hours. Suddenly, it hit Anna that Luna has been suspiciously distant this whole time. And super quiet! It turned out the dog was off on her own getting used to her brand new smile! 😉

Photo credit: Anna Carolina Lima

“I found Luna sitting in the armchair with Grandma’s teeth in her mouth,” Anna told The Dodo. “She didn’t want to give them back!”

Everyone was laughing; What a sight to behold! It was impossible for anyone to be mad at Luna for her thievery… I mean, just look! 😀

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