Leave It To Grandma To Tell A Dirty Joke At A Wedding Reception

You can always count on Grandma to say the most unexpected thing at the most unexpected time! Coming from them, it’s shocking but not surprising in the least. It’s how my grandmother was! Brutally honest about everything but never afraid to inject some bold humor when appropriate (or not so appropriate)!

In the video below, we have the perfect example of what I’m talking about. The bride’s grandma gets up at her wedding reception to give a speech, but she has a joke up her sleeve she wants to tell… And it’s a dirty one. Only Grandma! 😉

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The 84-year-old woman starts it off by saying she’s going to tell everyone a little story about a lady who was badly in need of a husband. So this lady put an ad in the paper titled, “Wanted: A Husband.”

The woman goes on to rattle off a few requirements this potential husband must meet in order for her to want to choose him. The first two seem totally fair and easy enough to abide by; These should be expected of any good man…

But that third one sets the tone for what’s about to come! Grandma continues on with the joke without blushing or breaking a sweat with the entire room in the palm of her hand. And the end has everyone laughing in disbelief like, “Did she really just say that?!” 😀

Hear the hilarious punchline in the video below!

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