Couple Brings Granddaughter To Church To Meet Grandma For The First Time

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Our grandchildren are the lights of our lives, and the first time meeting them is a moment we will cherish forever and never forget! You remember the sights, the smells, and the feelings from that first interaction, I know I do! Like it was just yesterday. 🙂

In the video below, we have a grandmother meeting her granddaughter for the first time. But it’s a total surprise! She’s just sitting in the congregation before church minding her own business without the slightest clue that this is the first day for the rest of her life!

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Mom and Dad enter the church with their little girl looking as adorable as possible for the first meeting with Grandma! But where could she be? The people are filing in, and she’s already there down in the front row…

All of a sudden, they’re standing before her. And the look on Grandma’s face changes the instant she realizes what’s going on. She goes into grandmother mode immediately! It’s just in our DNA. 😉

See the heartwarming moment in the video here! It reminds me of the day I first met mine, and the nostalgia and overwhelming emotions have all come rushing back. It’s the absolute best feeling!

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