4 Important Tips For The Grandparents Who Provide Child Care

As a grandmother, you’re also a babysitter. But you’re far more than just another babysitter. You’re everything all wrapped up into one! You help out anywhere and everywhere you can while still providing all the love needed, and our children are so thankful for it. But as a part-time caregiver and babysitter, there are a few things to keep in mind as you watch over the grandchildren…

Make the most of those special days

On those special days when you get to play babysitter, be sure and make the most of the time spent with the little ones with fun activities and lots of love. And offer to do it regularly if you are able. You’re a huge help!

Share stories and read to them

Keep your mind sharp and help sharpen theirs with some reading. The grandkids will also enjoy any stories you may want to share with them. These can serve as learning experiences and prove to be very valuable.

Assist with drop off and pick up

Make sure the car seats are properly installed and they’re all buckled-in first and foremost, but this will lift a huge weight off of Mom and Dad’s shoulders! And in the car you have more time for stories and maybe even some road games. 🙂

Be another set of eyes

Provide another set of eyes and lend your thoughts on the quality of the daycare center or regular babysitter. Positive comments can help the parents feel secure with their choices, and any questionable aspects can be discussed and brought to the forefront.

It’s a different world we live in today, but love is still what makes it go ’round and helps children to thrive! They are the future, and nothing is more important than setting them on the right track.

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