Wife Sneaks In On Husband Of 60 Years After Their Longest Time Apart

Grandma and Grandpa’s marriage was always one I looked up to. When you combine the longevity of such a marriage with all the wisdom and life lessons learned, it really makes it the standard in which you want to strive for. I always said if I have what my grandparents have when I grow old, I’ll consider myself very lucky… And here we are! 🙂

In the video below, we have a husband and wife who have been together for 60 years! And in that long period, they’d never been separated for as long as they just were. And after almost a month-long stay in the hospital, Grandma was given the okay to go home, and she wanted to surprise Grandpa!

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Barba had a stay in the hospital because of internal bleeding and congestive heart failure. Grandpa Delmar was worried, and the two just weren’t used to being away from each other like this…

But as the 85-year-old man is sitting at the table in his home, 77-year-old Barba sneaks in the door behind him. Delmar is deaf in one ear and half-deaf in the other, so it takes a second to realize what’s going on. But when he turns around, it’s the surprise he did not see coming! The reaction says it all about their loving marriage. <3

See the big surprise and reaction in the video below!

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