Deaf Baby Smiles As Grandma Tries Teaching Her Sign Language

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How precious are those newborn grandbabies? We’d do absolutely anything for them! Being a grandmother is one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer — maybe the most rewarding! That’s why moments like the one in the video below are so heartwarming and make the heart grow three sizes!

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Grandma is holding her newest grandchild, eight-week-old Aria. The baby is deaf, just like her mother. But that doesn’t stop the two from communicating and connecting in a way that only a grandmother and grandchild could! 🙂

They have so much to tell each other already, as you can see! The baby can’t hear anything but looks on intently into Grandma’s eyes and watches as she signs for her…

And as Grandma signs, Aria just smiles and smiles! Grandma is trying to get her to sign “grandmother” back to her, but she’s not quite ready for that just yet. But those little hands are moving as if she’s trying to respond. How sweet is that?

The little granddaughter may have a disability, but it’s clearly not going to hold her back in life. She’s surrounded by the perfect people to help teach and guide her, and she’s so loved! See the incredible moment in the video below:

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