Airport Passengers Witnessed Magic When A Senior Sat Down At The Piano

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There’s just something about music that can bring everyone together. It’s the universal language that speaks to us all. Whenever it’s being performed out in the public eye, you can almost bet it’ll soon become the center of attention. Heads turn and feet start tapping; It’s like a magnetic force that pulls us all in!

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When this senior citizen sat down at a piano in the airport, he started playing wonderfully. He clearly knows the instrument inside and out! He quickly caught the attention of passersby, but the real magic happened when a stranger decided to walk up and join in mid song! The look on the older gentleman’s face said it all. I bet he instantly felt like a young man sitting at the piano again!

The two continued to play as if they’d had all the practice and rehearsal time together necessary for such a performance. Before long, they were sharing the bench and launching into yet another song. And they were still in lockstep! A crowd kept gathering behind them, and the phones all came out to record it. They were in total disbelief at what they were seeing!

A collaboration by two complete strangers who just happened to be on the same exact page. It’s not everyday the stars align like this! And the reactions by a bunch of other strangers just reinforces this sentiment. What a lovely moment!

But, I do have to wonder how many people missed their flights because of this! 😀

Watch the video below:

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