99-Year-Old Woman Gets To Meet Her 100th Great-Grandchild

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I feel so blessed to have grandchildren. And someday, just maybe, I’ll find out what it’s like to be a great-grandmother! If those stars align and all of the things that would have to happen actually happen, I’d consider myself extremely fortunate. That’s why I can’t fathom meeting my 100th great-grandchild like the lucky woman in the video below!

Margaret Koller has lived a long and plentiful life, but she isn’t done yet! After growing up as an only child, she got married and ended up having 11 kids who gave her a total of 56 grandchildren. And now, her 100th great-grandkid has come into the world! And we get to see the moment she meets him for the first time…

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The 99-year-old Philadelphia woman will soon celebrate a birthday to turn the big 100, just another great milestone in her long and amazing life! And family gatherings are as crazy as you might think… the 168 Koller family members take turns filing in and out on the holidays in order to catch up!

Can you even imagine? I’m honestly blown away at this! Not only has Margaret lived long enough to see all of this play out, she’s in good health and a great state of mind to know exactly what’s going on and to be able to appreciate it. 🙂

See the incredible moment she meets Koller William in the video below!

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