6 Tips For New Grandmas To Help Build Strong Relationships With The Grandkids

Becoming a grandmother is an exciting time in a woman’s life, but building a strong and healthy relationship with the grandchildren starts long before you ever get to hold them. There’s a right way to do it, and Sixty and Me sat down with Barbara Nathan to share their experience and expertise on the subject!

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Here are their six tips for new grandmothers…

Be emotionally supportive of the expected parents

Do what you can to help out during the waiting period to make things less stressful on your daughter or daughter-in-law. Listen to their needs and try not to be pushy or overly critical during this trying time.

Respect parents’ decisions on birth arrangements and announcements

Remember, it’s ultimately the parents’ decision to make. So even if you feel differently, respect their choices and they’ll be much more receptive to your involvement in the future.

Visit your new grandchild often but don’t exclude the others

As much as you may want to focus on the newest baby, try not to exclude other children in the household. No one wants to feel left out, and you have lots of love to spread around! 🙂

Love your new grandchild but don’t step on toes

Try not to step on the toes of the parents and respect the fact that he or she is their child, not yours. Let them set the rules and routines and be ready to answer any questions they may come to you with.

Keep an open mind about parenting practices

Keep unsolicited advice to yourself and realize that the new parents probably know a lot more than you think about being a parent. But be there for them when called upon!

Be flexible and willing to work with others

Be willing to compromise on what works well for everyone involved when it comes to visiting the new grandbaby. You probably aren’t the only new grandparent here, and everyone, including the parents, want to spend quality time with the little one.

Some good advice here. Listen to the discussion in full in the video below! Did they leave anything important out?

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