5 Simple Tips for New Grandparents That Will Go A Long Way

You’re now a grandparent, and it’s a very exciting time! But let’s not get carried away. I know that’s easy to do with everything going on, but it’s important to keep some things in mind to help make it a smooth transition for all involved. Here are 5 tips for new grandparents:

Let the parents do things their way

Showing support in the decision making of the new parents will go a long way in determining your future relationship with your children and your grandchildren. Offer your opinion when asked for it and keep an open mind otherwise.

Take it easy on the shopping

As much as you may want to spoil the new grandchild, you don’t want to step on any toes. In the case of a baby shower, work with the parents to help make it fun and successful!

Help out, but don’t overdo it

New parents will need assistance and will be more than thankful for the help, but there’s such thing as trying to do too much. Especially near the end of the pregnancy and right after the birth.

Be prepared to share

You’re a new grandparent, but you aren’t the only one. Be sure to communicate with the other grandparents to coordinate visits and be mindful of their time. This will help the parents tremendously too!

Hold off on major decisions

Hold off an any major decisions and don’t make dramatic changes in your own life right away in anticipation of being a grandparent. Things need time to fall into place, and there’s no rush!

These five simple things will earn you the love and gratitude of the brand new parents and reinforce their trust in you. If you want the most baby time possible with the least amount of drama, this is how you do it! 🙂

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