5 Things To Say To Your Grandchildren To Make Them Feel Loved

Grandchildren hang onto every word you say. So make sure what you say is something of substance that will help shape and build them into the people they will soon become! When it comes to expressing love, it’s not always as easy as it seems. Here are some simple words that will make the grandkids feel more important and included in your life!

Watch the video here and scroll on below to read about all five statements!

“Tell me about it!”

When the grandchildren show interest in something, reinforce this sentiment by asking them about it. This will help you to understand them more and learn why they like the things they do…

“What would you like to do?”

Nothing makes someone feel more included than having a say in what’s going on. So put the ball in their court every once in a while and ask what they would like to do. They’ll appreciate this sign of trust and respect!

“You did great!”

Always make sure to tell the grandkids when they do something correctly. This will make them feel proud and want to continue doing well going forward. A little positive reinforcement goes a long way!

“How can I help you?”

Instead of just diving straight in, ask them how you can help out. Whether this is something fun like putting together a puzzle or something more serious like working through a problem, this question shows them that you value their input!

“I love you!”

Of course, nothing lands quite like actually telling someone you love them. It’s not enough to just show it. Saying “I love you” keeps your true feelings at the forefront and paves a path forward for the grandkids to keep priorities straight in life.

Consistently working these five things into conversations with your grandchildren will have them feeling as loved and important as they actually are. They are the future, so let’s continue to help build them up into the best they can be! 🙂

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