Family That Grandma Hasn’t Seen In 18 Months Is Outside On The Phone

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There’s nothing harder than being away from the family. And this has been tested more than ever the last couple of years due to the pandemic. But sometimes it’s for the best, and it makes seeing them again all that much more special! And for the grandmother in the video below, special is an understatement…

The 57-year-old grandma from North Carolina hasn’t seen her family in 18 long months. Her daughter, Nacole, lives in Florida, and Nacole’s youngest child was born during the height of the pandemic. So Grandma was yet to meet the latest addition to the family. But it was all about to come together as one big surprise! 🙂

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Rebecca’s granddaughter Tashonna showed up to Grandma’s acting like she was texting in the corner of the room. In reality, she was recording to catch the reaction. Nacole called Rebecca and said she was running errands, but then a vehicle pulled into the grandmother’s driveway…

It all hit Rebecca in that moment. She jumped up from the table and ran outside to greet the family she hadn’t seen in so long. It was a sweet surprise reunion and the first time ever meeting her latest grandchild! It was all caught on camera, and her reaction made it worth the wait. 🙂

See the wonderful surprise in the video below!

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