Grandparents Finally Get To See Their Grandson After His 113 Day NICU Stay

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I couldn’t wait to meet my grandchildren when they were born. That’s why I couldn’t imagine having to go through what the grandparents in the video below had to go through. But sometimes, life requires a little bit of patience for things to be right and good! Sit back, have faith, and allow the plan to take place… Easier said than done though, right?

Baby Jayden made an emergency appearance three months earlier than originally expected, and parents DJ and Taylor were alarmed. The newborn weighed in at just one pound and 12 ounces, and he had to be placed in intensive care right away. Over the next 100 plus days, Jayden’s status was up and down like a rollercoaster.

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Because of the pandemic, only the parents were allowed in the NICU to see him. The rest of the family waited patiently and prayed for Jayden’s health and quick recovery. Finally, after 113 days, Mom and Dad got the news they’d been waiting for…

Jayden was finally cleared to go home! So they decided to make the moment even more special by surprising the grandparents with their first meetings. They recorded the reactions, and it couldn’t have gone better! The screams of shock and tears of joy are just magical. 🙂

Watch the surprise visit in the video below!

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