6 Surprising Ways Being A Grandma Is Actually Good For Your Health

When you think of the benefits of being a grandma, your mind might go straight to the joy of spending time with your beloved grandchildren. But did you know that being a grandma can actually be good for your health and well-being too?

From staying active to lowering your stress levels, there are plenty of surprising ways that being a grandma can help you live a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

So if you’re a grandma or thinking of becoming one, read on to discover all the reasons why being a grandma is more than just a fun title – it’s a serious boost to your health and happiness!

1. Grandmas get more exercise than you might think

When you’re a grandma, you’re always on the go. Whether you’re chasing after your grandkids or running errands, you’re constantly moving. This can actually be great for your health, since regular physical activity is important for maintaining cardiovascular health, bone density, and muscle strength.

Plus, all that time spent with your grandkids can be a workout in itself. Ever tried to keep up with a toddler? It’s like doing an aerobics class with a tiny, wiggly personal trainer. And if you’re lucky enough to have grandkids who are into outdoor activities, you might find yourself taking up new hobbies like hiking, kayaking, or even rock climbing. Who says grandmas can’t be adventurous?

2. Grandmas have a built-in social support network

One of the biggest health risks for seniors is social isolation, which can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. But when you’re a grandma, you have a built-in support network of family and friends who are always checking in on you and making sure you’re doing well.

Even if you don’t live close to your grandkids, you can still stay connected through phone calls, video chats, and social media. And let’s be real, what grandparent doesn’t love getting photos and updates about their grandkids? It’s like a constant stream of serotonin.

3. Grandmas have a reason to stay mentally sharp

Another common health risk for seniors is cognitive decline, but being a grandma can actually help keep your brain active and engaged. Whether you’re reading bedtime stories, helping with homework, or just chatting with your grandkids about their lives, you’re constantly learning new things and staying mentally sharp.

And if you’re really lucky, your grandkids might even teach you a thing or two. Maybe you’ll finally learn how to use TikTok, or figure out what “yeet” means. Just think of all the cool points you’ll score with your grandkids if you can keep up with the latest trends.

4. Grandmas have a sense of purpose

As we get older, it’s common to feel like we’re losing our sense of purpose. But being a grandma can give you a renewed sense of meaning and fulfillment. When you’re helping to raise the next generation, you’re contributing to something bigger than yourself and making a lasting impact on the world.

Plus, let’s be honest: grandkids are pretty darn cute. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with someone who thinks you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread? Being a grandma can give you a sense of joy and purpose that’s hard to find anywhere else.

5. Grandmas have an excuse to indulge in guilty pleasures

As a grandma, you have a built-in excuse to indulge in all kinds of guilty pleasures. Maybe you love baking cookies, but feel guilty eating them all yourself. Or maybe you love watching animated movies, but feel like you’re too old for them. Well, when you’re a grandma, you can bake all the cookies you want and watch all the Disney movies you like, because you’re doing it for the grandkids, right?

Plus, being a grandma can give you an excuse to spoil yourself a little. Maybe you’ve always wanted a fancy tea set or a luxurious bathrobe, but felt like you couldn’t justify the expense. Well, now you can say it’s for the grandkids when they come over for tea parties or sleepovers. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good excuse to pamper themselves?

6. Grandmas have a reason to laugh more

Laughter is one of the best medicines, and being a grandma can give you plenty of reasons to laugh. Whether it’s watching your grandkids do silly dances, hearing their funny stories, or just playing with them and acting like a kid again yourself, spending time with grandkids can be a source of endless joy and laughter.

And let’s not forget the hilarious things that grandkids say. From mispronouncing words to making up their own funny phrases, grandkids can be a never-ending source of entertainment. Just think of all the funny stories you’ll have to share with your friends and family, and all the belly laughs you’ll get to enjoy along the way.


So there you have it: being a grandma can be good for your health and well-being in all kinds of surprising ways. So if you’re lucky enough to be a grandma, make the most of it! Who knows, you might just end up living longer, happier, and healthier because of it.

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