How To Write A Letter To Your Grandchild They’ll Keep Forever

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In this wild world of technology, there’s actually a big movement to go back in time.

Vinyl records. Fashion. Polaroid cameras. The list goes on and on, but my favorite?

Snail mail! Nobody ever sends an old fashioned letter in the mail anymore, so that makes it so special to receive one.

And who better to write one to than the grandchild that you not only love but want to give lifelong memories? I promise you they will keep your letters and cherish them forever.

This article will hopefully convince and help you to write a keepsake that will last generations.

Why You Should Write A Letter To Your Grandchild

No matter why you think you shouldn’t, just forget that. I don’t care if you have bad grammar, you’re embarrassed, you don’t know what to say (more on that in a minute), or any number of things.

It’s a physical way of showing them how much you care that will live on forever. Even your grandchild’s grandchildren might even read it! How special is that?

We live in a fast world full of so much waste. A letter from the heart is never wasted and will never go to waste.

How To Write The Letter

With a piece of paper and pen of course! If you’re like me, it can be hard to keep steady with a pen so I understand if you need to find someone to help you or use a different method.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts. There are no rules here… it can be 1 paragraph or 10 pages.

What To Include In The Letter

Of course you know your relationship with your grandchildren better than I do, but I will give you some ideas. I just want to spark a movement where us grandmas show our love in a way that will be a keepsake for many generations.

Here are a few things you can say:

Your Love

Remind them how much you care and love them even if you don’t say it enough or see them often. I know that they will read it for years to come, through the tough times, and gain strength.

Tell Them A Story

Let’s face it… our grandchildren often don’t make a lot of time for us when they’re grown. They have their own lives and I understand! So we don’t get a lot of time to really sit down and talk.

But a letter isn’t going anywhere. Tell them a story from your past that they don’t know. Something that one day they will fully appreciate.

Did you have a first love before their grandfather?

Did you have a favorite car back in the day that maybe even you haven’t thought about in a long time?

What about your first pet or your first day of high school?

Tell your story! You’re an amazing woman who has lived an entire life worth sharing. Even if it’s not appreciated today, it will be in time if you write it down.

Remind Them It’ll Be Okay

One advantage we have over our grandchildren (certainly not flexibility and energy!) is time. And with time often comes wisdom.

We’ve lived through many things and we’ve learned it’s going to be okay. When times get tough and unexpected, there’s nothing more comforting than a wise person who has seen it all.

Share your wisdom and use it as comfort. I bet your grandchild will return to the letter over and over through their life.

A Special Photograph

Are you holding onto a photo that you cherish beyond anything else? Include it in the letter and pass it down to them.

Maybe include a photo of you as a young woman so they know that, before age took over, you once were a vibrant body without wrinkles too!

Grandchildren are always in disbelief to see grandma when she was younger and, as they get older and face their own wrinkles, they’ll love it even more.

How Often To Send Them A Letter

By now, you know what I’m going to say – there are no rules!

But I know some grandmas don’t want to overstep their boundaries. You can feel this out with your child, but I am sure they will never think you’re writing too many letters to your grandchildren.

You could write just one special letter or, if you want to have fun with it, you could make it a series.

A Monthly Letter

What if every month you sent one themed letter? For example…

  • January: write about your resolutions and ask them about theirs.
  • February: share your love for Valentine’s Day and maybe tell them a special story from a V-Day in your past.
  • March: write about how excited you are for Spring. All the smells and what they make you think about.

And so on… you get the idea.

A Yearly Letter

You know the holiday cards everyone sends these days? The photo of the family?

Well, not long ago, those used to be actual letters giving a full update on the family.

Before Facebook and other technology came and made it unnecessary.

But you can write them one letter at the same time every year. Tell them what it has been like to watch them grow, how it’s been being their loving grandma, and all of the things they did over the past year that you’re so proud of.

They will learn to look forward to the letter each year and always cherish past years for decades to come.

Maybe even they will continue the tradition with their own grandchildren, and you will be the pioneer that started it all. 🙂

Wrapping This Up

I hope I’ve convinced you to write your grandchildren at least one letter.

Remember, there are no rules. If it’s from your heart, that’s all that matters.

And if by some chance your grandchild doesn’t respond with enthusiasm, it’s okay. You are doing this to leave them something for many, many years – not one moment. Without a shadow of a doubt, they will return to your letters many times over their years long after we are gone.

Your letters will be a keepsake that will live on forever.

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