What Your Grandkids REALLY Mean When They Say These 12 Things

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Kids say the darndest things, and you never know what they will come up with next! While most everything your grandkids say or ask for is pretty straightforward, you may also experience some pretty head-scratching requests. 

“Grandma, can I have a snack?” They ask after finishing a giant post-breakfast-snack-post-breakfast-post-snack-post-punch-post-after-lunch-snack-post-pre-dinner (try saying that fast!) snack.

“Will you still be here when I grow up?” (This one gives me a lump in my throat… I sure hope so, dear one.)

“Your music is… interesting.”

How is a grandma to cope?

Fear not, my fellow Devoted Grandma, for I have decoded some of our grandkids’ most humorous and puzzling statements, including:

1. Grandma, can I have a snack?

Let’s go ahead and start with those mentioned above, a la the crazy amount of snacks and food these kids consume! When they ask for a snack, what they are really saying is, “I’ve just had a full meal 10 minutes ago, but there’s always room for Grandma’s cookies. Or maybe two. Okay, make it three.”

2. “Will you still be here when I grow up?”

This is self-explanatory: You, Grandma, are loved beyond measure, and your grands don’t want you to go anywhere anytime soon. Deal?

3. “Your music is… interesting.”

I assume this is meant to be positive, as you cannot beat the stylings of Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, and CCR!

4. “What’s a landline?”

Translation: We’re old. I wonder what they will say when they hear about party lines and 8-tracks…

5. “Why does your phone have buttons?”

Sticking with the topic of phones… In an age of swiping and tapping, our old-school gadgets are nothing short of prehistoric artifacts. When they ask this, they might as well be saying, “You lived in the stone age, right?”

6. “When did the world turn color?”

Once again, this means we are old, hehe. My daughter is actually the one who asked me this, and it still makes me smile. (I can see how she came to this conclusion, though, what with all of our black-and-white pictures and watching re-runs of “I Love Lucy.”)

7. “Why does this show have commercials?”

My gut reaction to this one is, “Because we are watching TV,” but then I remember that these kids are used to streaming and instant gratification and aren’t used to being burdened with breaks during your show. 

8. “You wore that when you were my age?”

Yes, my dear, flared jeans and tie-dye shirts were all the rage. And guess what? They’re back in style now, so joke’s on you! But truly, this is their little way of showing interest in our past, trying to picture a younger version of us.

9. “I wish I could live with you.”

This typically isn’t a cry for help but a sweet sentiment, as Grandma’s house is a place of warmth, comfort, and love. And cookies – lots and lots of cookies.

10. “Why do you always smell like flowers?”

This isn’t just a comment on your choice of perfume. It’s their way of saying, “Your scent feels like home.” And trust me, even when they’re grown, they’ll walk past someone with that same scent and be instantly transported back to childhood.

11. “Tell me again about when Mom/Dad was little.”

Your stories are the bridge between generations. They’re eager to know more about their parents and the antics they got up to – and between us, isn’t it fun spilling some innocent beans?

12. “I drew this for you.”

It may look like a bunch of lines and scribbles on paper, but to them, it shows love in the form of a gift. When your grands draw something for you, it is the ultimate compliment and deserves to be displayed on the wall or your refrigerator! 


It’s these quirky questions and comments that make our grandkids the little treasures they are. And, as any Devoted Grandma would attest, there’s no greater joy than seeing the world afresh through their eyes. Even if it occasionally reminds us we’re getting on in years!

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