10 Ways Grandmas Show Love That Their Grandkids Don’t Realize Until They’re Older

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Is there love more pure and intense than a grandma’s love for her grandchildren? We may have thought we knew what love was before our children had their children, but now we know that your heart cannot get any more full than it does when you’re a grandma. 

While we repeatedly tell our grands how much we love and adore them, we find other ways to show them, some of which they may not even realize until they are grown. There are endless ways we do this, but here are 10 of the more common ways grandmas show their love that may go unnoticed: 

1. Teaching and instilling our traditions

Kids love to help grandma in the kitchen, and while they see the fun of cracking eggs and mixing, they don’t realize that those cookies they’re baking or eggs they’re frying are their great grandma’s recipe. Passing down a family recipe, sharing stories from ‘the good old days,’ or humming an old lullaby aren’t just pastimes but threads connecting generations.

2. Slipping in an extra treat

Speaking of your mom’s fabulous cookie recipe, it’s not just about the sweets when we sneak them an extra cookie or two. Okay, maybe its deliciousness and comfort do have something to do with it, but it’s also a secret message, telling them that a bit of indulgence, especially at grandma’s house, is one of life’s sweetest joys.

3. Time is the most precious gift

Hours feel like moments when we’re with our grandkids, as we aren’t checking the clock but rather cherishing the stories, the games, and even the meltdowns. Our willingness to linger a bit longer at bedtime is our silent way of saying, “You are worth every minute.”

4. Listening like it’s our job

As we do when we give our time, when we sit and listen to their tales—whether it’s about a new imaginary friend or a rift with a playground buddy—we’re not just hearing, we’re absorbing every word. It’s not merely polite nodding but showing them they are the most exciting people in our world.

5. The healing power of hugs and kisses

Remember those scraped knees and bumped elbows? No need for a First Aid kit, as Grandma’s love and affection are a cure-all for scrapes and bruises. One day, they’ll realize that our hugs were more than just comforting gestures – they were genuine offerings of our whole hearts, willing away their pain.

6. Homemade with heart

The quilts we stitch or the scarves we knit are not just gifts; they’re our love materialized. Each thread is woven with wishes for their happiness and comfort. Kids don’t often realize this when they are younger, so if you have ever received a less-than-enthusiastic reaction to one of your creations, don’t fret – it is something they will be glad they have when they are grown.

7. The special twinkle in our eye

Our eyes light up more when they enter the room, a small yet profound testament to the joy they bring into our lives. One day, they’ll recognize that gleam for what it is—pure love.

8. Handwritten love

Those little notes we tuck into pockets, lunch boxes, or under pillows? They’re more than ink on paper. They’re physical pieces of our hearts, reminding them they’re cherished beyond measure, especially when we’re apart.

9. Passing down the simple joys

Reading them a book under a tree, teaching them to dance in the living room, or showing them how to plant a flower. Kids have boundless energy and may not appreciate it, but showing them how to enjoy the little things now is a great way to instill this lifelong quality for later.

10. Grandma: Their #1 fan

When the grands look back on the biggest moments from their childhood, they will remember grandma being front and center and how special it was. Be it a school play where they have a single line or a little league game, our presence in the audience, cheering the loudest, is our way of saying, “I’m here for you, and I’m incredibly proud, no matter what.”


Our grandkids may not notice these gestures now, but as they grow, they will reflect on these acts, big and small, and feel the profound love embedded within. It’s the love of a grandma, after all, steadfast and endless. Cheers to us, and the immeasurable love we hold for our darling grandkids.

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