9 Unspoken Feelings and Thoughts that Dance in a Grandma’s Mind

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When you were a mom to younger kids, you had countless thoughts and feelings constantly dancing through your head, and now that you are a grandma? You still do – maybe even more so than before! While we are all different and unique, we share many of the same thoughts and feelings, including these 9 unspoken ones that often dance in a grandma’s mind: 

1. Eternal youth

While the mirror might reflect an older version of me, in my heart, I’m still that vibrant young girl, full of dreams and spunk. How wonderful is it that we have our grandkids that allow us to re-live our childhoods with and through them? (I said it before and will say it again: It is Childhood 3.0, as 2.0 happened when our kids were young ;P.)

2. Worries of time

I cherish every moment with my little ones, but in the quiet hours, I sometimes ponder: Will I be there for their significant milestones? Will I get to watch my youngest grandchild graduate high school? Will I see their wedding days? What about my great-grandchildren? Will I meet any of them? These thoughts propel me to make each moment count.

3. Generational bridge

There’s this overwhelming sense of responsibility and pride in being the link between the past and the future. We, the grandmas, bear the stories, traditions, and lessons from the yesteryears, hoping to pass them down and ensure the bridge remains strong.

4. Tug of boundaries

I often find myself in a delicate dance, wanting to advise, protect, and sometimes intervene, but also understanding the importance of boundaries. It’s a silent debate of when to step in and when to hold back, but I have learned that it is often best to stay out of it unless necessary.

5. Silent boundaries

I’ve witnessed my children grow, spread their wings, and start their families. But sometimes, I silently yearn for those days when they were young. I live for my grandkids, but I miss the feeling of being needed when my little ones were constantly seeking my embrace and assurance.

6. Amazement of modern parenting

I watch my children parent, and I’m often in awe of the new techniques and gadgets. Seriously, where were some of these things when our babies were young? (Have you seen that self-rocking bassinet?) There’s a mix of admiration for the modern ways and a gentle nostalgia for the simpler times of my own motherhood journey. (On that same note, I do not envy my kids’ having to parent during these times of social media and everything that comes with it.)

7. Quietly bearing judgements

In a rapidly changing world, my old-school ways might seem outdated. That said, there are moments when I feel judged or misunderstood, but I hold onto my beliefs, hoping that time will reveal the wisdom in them. Hint: It will!

8. Fear of being a burden

As the years roll by, there’s this nagging thought about not wanting to be a burden to my family – I am sure you feel the same. Our independent spirit wishes to remain self-sufficient, even as we cherish the close bonds.

9. Overflowing gratitude

I hope my thoughts didn’t come off as unfavorable, as I have nothing but appreciation for this role and this life. For every wrinkle, gray hair, or ache, there’s an overwhelming sense of thankfulness – For the memories, the legacy, the love, and the moments still to come. It’s a silent song of thanksgiving that plays continually in my heart, and I know I am not the only one.


As grandmas, our minds are like tapestries of feelings, memories, hopes, and dreams. While some thoughts are voiced, many remain unspoken, adding depth and color to the beautiful role we’re privileged to play. Enjoy every moment – and, as always, let’s talk again soon.

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