Grandmas Share 16 Moments That Remind Us Our Grandkids Are Wonderfully Unique

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Have you heard that no two snowflakes are alike? It is crazy to wrap your head around, but the science is there – each is different from the last and perfectly one-of-a-kind. This phenomenon not only happens with snowflakes but with humans, too!

Even if you hail from the same family, the chances of you being the same as your parents or siblings are slim to none, making all of us wonderfully made and oh-so unique. To highlight these notable differences, I asked 16 of my fellow Devoted Grandmas to share a fun story that demonstrates their grands’ uniqueness – and the results are equal parts fun and heartwarming:

"Lily does these morning stretches. Not quite yoga, more like ‘Lily-oga’. My favorite? When she pretends to be a tree swaying in the wind."
"My youngest grandson, Oliver, doesn’t just water the plants; he gives them names and backstories. Let's just say our geranium, Gertrude, leads quite the adventurous life!"
"Ava sings about everything - tying her shoes, eating her peas, even brushing her teeth. Everything’s got a rhythm if you listen close enough. (Thank goodness we have grandchildren who remind us to listen.)" 
"So, Ellie's taken to decorating her toast. Last week, she used her strawberry jam and said, 'Look, Grandma, it's a sunrise!' It was more blob than sun, but I loved it."
"During our walks, Ethan always comes back with his pockets full of random rocks. He gets so excited, telling me he’s found a piece of a ‘moon rock’ or something."
"My Mia doesn’t just come running for the ice cream; she does this hilarious little dance every time she hears the truck's tune. It’s a spectacle!"
"Tommy has this long list of dinosaurs he's 'discovered'. The other day, he came running with a drawing of a 'Pillow-rex'. Said it was the comfiest dino!"
"There's never a dull outfit day with Sarah. Snow boots in summer? Why not! She calls it 'trendsetting' (and I call it adorable)."
"Who needs a five-star restaurant? In Henry's toy kitchen, I've been served delicacies like 'spaghetti ice cream'. Thank goodness it was pretend!"
"Bedtime tales have taken a turn. Got a dose of 'Spy Cinderella' from Emma the other night. I'd pay to see that version!"

"According to Lila, our fern had a 'challenging' day last Tuesday. She's convinced plants are big on gossip."
"Sam’s cloud stories? The best! Just last week, a long cloud transformed into a sneaky dragon's tail. After staring for a few seconds, even grandma could see it!"
"Stumbled upon Lucy's fairy correspondence in the garden. She’s eagerly awaiting a parcel of fairy dust."
"My grandson Jake's idea of a bath isn't just splashing water. It's more about diving deep and, oh, saving Mr. Duck from whirlpools!"
"Jenna believes the stars are quite chatty. Just the other night, she was deep in conversation with Orion."
"Sophie reckons every butterfly she sees is on some epic quest. Tried to convince me one was headed to the Arctic!"

Don’t these stories give you the biggest smile? Grandkids are so darn precious and fun! I love hearing stories from my fellow grandmas, so if you have one to share, I would love for you to email me. In the meantime, let’s plan to talk again soon. 🙂

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