10 Soulful Narratives Hidden in Every Grandmother’s Eyes

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The eyes have been described as the window to the soul, and this is no exception for grandmas. Another saying goes that every wrinkle tells a story, but the real narratives? They can best be found in those wise and knowing gazes.

While you can always tell how happy someone is by those beautiful laugh lines around their eyes (I don’t think of them as wrinkles but as a life well lived!), you can learn so many other soulful narratives, including:

1. Tales of youthful endeavors

Before you became the wise matriarch, you were a young girl. It seems like a lifetime ago, doesn’t it? You may be older and wiser now, but that little you is still in there, complete with the adventures you once had, first loves and childhood friends, lessons learned, and challenges overcome.

2. Stories of resistance

The depth in your eyes narrates tales of perseverance. You have lived a full and rich life, seen challenges, faced adversities, and emerged stronger. Each glance is a testament to the climbed mountains, and battles won. Who knew the eyes could say so much without saying anything at all?

3. Sweet memories of lullabies and bedtime stories

When you peer closely, you can almost hear the soft humming of lullabies sung to children and the enchanting tales told to eager listeners at bedtime. These sweet – albeit fleeting – memories are the gentle reflection of a mother-turned-grandmother. (I miss those days, but I am thankful to get to re-live some of these sweet times with my baby’s babies.)

4. Chronicles of seasons passed

A certain warmth speaks of autumns enjoyed, winters endured, springs awaited, and summers cherished. We have seen and experienced all the seasons – some good and some bad – and we are happy to impart what we have seen and learned along the way to those we love most.

5. Epics of laughter and tears

Please repeat after me: They aren’t crow’s feet but laugh lines from a well-lived life! Now that we have established this, let me reiterate that each line around your eyes is a marker of hearty laughter shared with loved ones or tears shed during life’s poignant moments. These beautiful marks are a testament to a life lived fully, with its highs and lows.

6. Wisdom gathered along the way

Your steady and unwavering gaze speaks of lessons learned, wisdom acquired, and insights gained. By giving such a knowing glance, you, Grandma, remind those around you that every experience, good or bad, contributed to the sage you have become.

7. Hopes for the future

Even with so much seen, there’s a glint that looks forward – It’s the hope and dreams for her children, grandchildren, and every generation to come. The world has changed SO much since we were little (heck, even since our kids were little!), and we are always looking for the hope and change we want to see. Believe it, my friends: The best is yet to come (and babe, won’t it be fine? ;P)!

8. Dreams yet to be realized

Who says that dreaming stops when you are young? Not so! In fact, dreaming doesn’t have to stop at any age, as there are still desires, aspirations, and dreams shimmering in those eyes, waiting for the right moment to take flight.

9. Legends of family traditions

In your beautiful eyes, your children and grandchildren can find the cherished traditions passed down through generations, like the family recipes, the festive celebrations, and the little rituals that have become the backbone of the family’s legacy. Pass them on!

10. Glimpses of unspoken bonds

There are stories that words can’t convey and bonds that are felt but never voiced. Once again, your eyes say it all: The silent sacrifices, the unspoken promises, and the countless acts of love are all etched in your gaze.


The next time you find yourself lost in a grandma’s gaze (or are just looking in the mirror), remember you’re reading chapters of a rich, vibrant, and ever-evolving story. Who knew the eyes could say SO much?

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