Try These 15 Small Steps To Make Big Gains With Your Grandchild

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When you have a grandchild, you want to give them only good things and have everything work for them the first time. Sadly, this isn’t the way of the world, as good things take time – like your relationship with your growing grandbabies! While things are darn near perfect when they are little, our grands still grow up and form their own opinions and identities, which may call for extra nurturing from you, grandma.

Fear not – Though this may sound daunting, it truly isn’t, especially when you take these 15 small steps to make big gains with your grandkids: 

1. Handwritten letters

I don’t care how old you are: There is magic in opening the mailbox and finding a handwritten letter – especially when it comes from grandma! In the age of emojis and texts, be the renegade who sends snail mail. Opening it now will be special, and so will being able to save and treasure it forever.

2. Listen to their playlist

Yes, even if it sounds like noise. Hey, remember when our parents didn’t understand Elvis or The Beatles? (Though, in our defense, that was actual music! Kidding, kidding…) 

3. Ask for their TV or movie recommendations

Not only will you find a new show or movie to watch, but when you ask your grands for their recommendations, you are telling them that you genuinely value their opinion.

4. Instigate a tech time-out

Initiate a gadget-free hour. Warning: Side effects include honest conversations and potential outdoor activities. Oh, the horror!

5. Teach them old-school games…

Introduce them to the joys of hopscotch, marbles, or jacks. No batteries were required for these classics, and if I do say so myself, they don’t make games like they used to.

6. …And then invite them to teach you something, too

After a grueling game of tic-tak-toe, it’s your grands’ turn to teach you something new. Whether it’s a TikTok dance or a new app, prepare to be hilariously bad at it. (That’s what makes it so fun!)

7. Two words: Pillow forts

Need I say more?

8. Embrace the silly

Life is too short to take yourself too seriously, which is a lesson more people could learn! Demonstrate this to your grandchild by doing something subtle yet fun, like wearing your clothes backward and acting normal. How long do you think it will take them to notice?

9. Declare random “No laughing challenges”

Speaking of not taking yourself too seriously, this is an excellent way to keep things light and humorous, as you can challenge each other to do it at any time. (Warning: This challenge usually lasts 3 seconds for my grands and me!)

10. Swap stories

Hey, grandmas are humans, too, and – believe it or not – we were once young! That said, share an embarrassing story from your youth, especially if it involves bell-bottom jeans or disco.

11. Selfies

Let them teach you the art of the perfect selfie. Pout, smile, snap, and voila – you have had a little bonding time and a tangible way of remembering this special photo session.

12. Trend alert!

Ask them about the latest fashion or internet trend and see if you can try it. Hey, it may not be something you want to repeat, but at least you can say you did it!

13. Shared playlist

Create a Spotify playlist together. You add one, they add one. The Beach Boys AND Cardi B? Wait, who? I mean – of course, you can add her, as music bridges generations.

14. Text them a question each day

Isn’t there a newsletter with suggestions for “question of the day”? Oh, wait, there is! 🙂

15. Shared hobby hunt

An inexpensive yet memorable way to spend time together is with a shared hobby. What will it be: Thrifting? Astronomy? Crafting? Choose one and do it together or separately. (If you don’t live close to one another, you can still plan to do it and then give each other updates once you’ve finished.)


It’s not about grand gestures but those small, quirky moments that lead to belly laughs, memories, and the occasional eye roll. (But you already knew all of that!) What are you waiting for? It’s time to begin making memories AND big gains with those sweet grandbabies.

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