The Nine Pillars of Grandmotherhood Every Grandma Lives By

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Everyone has unique qualities and personalities that make them who they are, but we grandmas seem to share many of the same traits. These pillars are ones that grandmas take on as soon as we receive this title, and we take them each seriously and personally, primarily since it affects our precious grandbabies!

Here are these 9 pillars of grandmotherhood that nearly every grandma can relate to. (How many of these do you possess?) 

1. Unconditional love

Grandmother and little girl

This one may be the most obvious, important, and easy to implement, as we have a deep and unending pool of love for our grandchildren! We accept and love them for who they are and will always be there for them despite their flaws. Hey, no one is perfect, but these grands of ours are pretty darn close. 

2. Patience

Children learn as they go and require lots of understanding and patience. I often feel like I wasn’t nearly as kind or patient with my kids for being kids, but my cup runneth over with it this time around. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are our grandkids, so take a deep breath and savor each moment.

3. Wisdom

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt (hehe)! We’ve lived a life full of lessons, and it’s our job to pass that wisdom on to our grandkids. Storytelling is our secret weapon. We share our experiences and life’s learnings while being a pair of listening ears. It’s a tough job (not really!), but someone’s gotta do it!

4. Playfulness 

Dancing with Grandma

Grandkids keep us young, so enjoy your childhood 2.0! While playing and enjoying these fun little humans is great, remember that it is also important to rest and take breaks as needed. 

5. Nurturing

Creating that cozy corner of the world for our grandkids – a place where they feel loved and secure – is what we do best. We’re like the human form of their favorite blanket – always there to provide comfort and support. Can it please stay like this forever?

6. Teaching

Grandmas: We’re not just fun and games, we’re also part-time professors. From how to bake the fluffiest cake to imparting the values of kindness and instilling our faith in the next generation, there are plenty of opportunities to teach our grandkids something new every day.

7. Humility

Grandma with a cup of tea

Everybody makes mistakes, and it is good to teach our kids to not only forgive but to also admit when they are wrong. There isn’t enough humility in today’s world, and it shows, so let’s make this next generation a little more accountable and humble.

8. Tradition

Grandmas like us are sticklers for tradition and love to pass down things from our grandmas (which were passed down by their grandmas and so on). Whether it’s an old family recipe or something related to our culture or heritage, we love to teach our grandbabies about where they came from and who they are.

9. Encouragement

Last but certainly not least, grandmas are their grandkids’ biggest cheerleaders and always look for new ways to encourage them. How do you like to cheer them on? I try to be there for all of their biggest milestones and am almost always the loudest one at their games, graduations, and various ceremonies.


How many of these pillars are part of your grandmotherhood? Am I forgetting one? If so, let me know – I always love to hear from you, my fellow Devoted Grandmas. Keep on doing what you do, friends – you are doing a great job and make it look so easy.

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