15 Perfect Gifts For Your Grandchildren This Christmas

When you are a grandma (especially one who is as cool as you!), you may feel pressure to produce the perfect gift for your grandchildren! While having such a loving and fantastic grandma like you is gift enough (right?), it is hard to wrap and put under the tree, which is why your friends here at Devoted Grandma have been searching high and low for the coolest and most perfect gifts for your grandchildren this holiday season, including:

Amazon Echo

Echo Show for sale on Amazon.com

Whether you opt for the more compact Echo Dot or splurge on the Echo Show (which you can video chat with!), your grand will have the ability to listen to music and audiobooks, play games with Alexa, ask questions, and learn new things. (Bonus: Mom and dad can put parental blocks on the Echo, giving everyone extra peace of mind!)

Subscription box

Fizzy Egg Dyeing KiwiCo subscription box image

In the last decade or so, the concept of subscription boxes has exploded, and for a good reason! No matter the recipient’s age or interest, you can find the perfect box at the perfect price point, as boxes can be shipped once, quarterly or monthly. A few of my favorite subscription boxes to gift include KiwiCo.’s line (cooking, STEM, science, or crafts, depending on their age!), Universal Yums (snacks and food from around the globe), and Ipsy (makeup and other high-end beauty products). To find the perfect box, simply Google “subscription box for age group” – you are sure to find the perfect gift.

Magazine subscription

March 2014 edition of Highlights magazine
Highlights for Children

Kids LOVE going to the mailbox and seeing their name on something, which is why magazine subscriptions are so darn fun. Whether it’s sports, comics, something faith-based, or hobby-related, a magazine subscription is literally the gift that keeps on giving year-round!

Boogie Board

Boogie board magic sketch kids drawing kit
Boogie Board

If you have a little artist in the family (or if your family is in the car a lot), you MUST get a Boogie Board: a reusable writing tablet that allows for unlimited drawing, writing, and scribbling, with a handy one-touch erase button. (Seriously, where were these when I was a kid?)

Hobby supplies

Brushes, stirrers and paint cans sit ready for use at a mural painting at Perkins Elementary School.
Flickr/Phil Roeder

This is pretty self-explanatory and can include anything from craft and/or art supplies to a rock polisher to nice stationery, gardening tools, or dance attire.


Fitbit ace 3 image

Whether you have an athlete for a grandchild or one who needs a little extra encouragement to get moving, a Fitbit (or any other brand of step counter/fitness tracker) makes a great gift! Bonus? Mom, dad or even you can keep tabs on their activity level via their app.)

Fujifilm Instax

Instax mini 11 camera by Fujifilm
Fujifilm Instax

Do you remember your old Polaroid? This is the sleeker, modern-day version. In addition to the smaller size, the Instax also comes in a variety of fun colors and instantly prints smaller, wallet-size photos.


Cairo Museum image
Flickr/Charli Whitman

Memberships are the gift that keep on giving year-round, as it gives your loved ones unlimited admission to the museum, zoo, aquarium, or other place of your choosing! (Psst… Many of these places offer special memberships for grandparents and their grands, so be sure to inquire when you go to make your purchase.)

The Adventure Challenge

The Adventure Challenge Family Edition book
The Adventure Challenge

For a unique year-round experience for the entire family, there is no gift like the Adventure Challenge: a book full of scratch-off challenges and activities that, once completed, will create meaningful memories that will last a lifetime!

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth shower speaker image
Flickr/Eve Summer

If you have teenagers and/or young adults you are shopping for, a waterproof speaker is guaranteed to be a hit, as they can safely jam out to their favorite band or continue listening to their podcast while they shower. (If you aren’t familiar with waterproof Bluetooth speakers, it is a wireless and rechargeable device that streams from a phone or tablet.)


Kid riding a go-kart
Flickr/Star Basket

Obviously, you want to make sure this (and everything else on the list!) is okay with mom and dad, so once you get their blessing, you can start looking for good deals online (it isn’t nearly as expensive as you may think!). The best part? After they open it, you can tell them that it is a special toy for them to use at your place, which will make your grands want to visit even more. (As if you really needed to sweeten that deal…)


Arnold Amusements Inc. One Ticket

Sporting events and concerts and movies, oh my! Tickets are so easy to customize by age and interest and can easily match any price point you may have!

A “Yes” Day

Traveling sweet shop
Flickr/Ian Hayhurst

Based on the adorable Netflix movie starring Jennifer Garner, a “Yes” day is just that – a day where the recipient gets to make all the calls, and you, the gift giver, have to say yes! Cookies for breakfast? Of course! Oh, you want to wear cowboy boots, swim trunks, and a top hat to the play place at McDonald’s? Have at it! Do you really need another monster truck? Okay… (By the way, if you need help setting up your Netflix account, I go over it here!)

Personalized Book

Our Family’s Night Before Christmas Personalized Book
i See Me!

Is there anything better than storytime? Yes: When storytime is all about your grandchild! There are so many options for customizable books, including the i See Me! series, Wonderbly, and Put Me in the Story.

Experiences with Grandma

You're only as old as you feel. Photo of grandmother on trampoline

Experiences are by far the most thoughtful and least cluttery gift that you can give this holiday season, making it a win-win. Examples of experiences include an overnight stay at a hotel, a painting class, a pizza picnic at the park, etc.

Whatever you decide to get your grandchild this Christmas, know that it is something they will love, as it came from you, their special grandma! If you needed some inspiration, however, I hope my ideas gave you just that. Merry Christmas to you from your friend, Devoted Grandma!

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