Why Every Day Should Be Grandparents Day (But Especially Today)

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Another Grandparent’s Day is upon us – did you know? Unlike Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Grandparents Day is a much lesser-known holiday, though it is just as important as those above! You know that I, Devoted Grandma, could not go without acknowledging this momentous event, so I wanted to comprise this list just for you.

Grandmas and grandpas are so important and significantly impact their grands’ lives, which is why every day should be Grandparents Day. Okay, that may be a little much, but let’s take time to at least celebrate us – and what makes us so darn special – on this momentous day:

1. Grandmas (and grandparents in general) are top-notch playmates

Who else would willingly act out all the parts in an impromptu home theater or play endless rounds of board games without a single complaint? That’s right: Grandma (and, okay, grandpa, too)! Every day should be Grandparent’s Day, simply for our infinite patience and playfulness.

2. Wisdom and whimsy

Sure, we have tales from “back in the day,” but have you ever noticed how those stories usually become wildly relevant to our “modern” problems? And let’s not forget the embellishments that make them all the more entertaining. ;P

3. We can make our grands feel like the most intelligent people in the world

Hey, we know a lot, but modern technology? That’s not our forte, and that’s okay! Think about it: Who else will call you for help with a “broken TV” that’s just on the wrong input? Celebrating your grandparents daily means ensuring your title as the family tech guru remains intact.

4. Grandmas = The best hug givers

No one hugs like a grandma. It’s a mix of warmth, comfort, and that hint of “I’ll always see you as a toddler.”

5. Grandparents are fashion time capsules

Who needs thrift shops when you can raid grandma’s closet? Vintage is in, and Grandpa’s old ties are suddenly the talk of the town (hehe). What can we say except you’re welcome?

6. The original “foodies”

Forget Michelin stars and celebrity chefs: Nothing beats Grandma’s pie or Grandpa’s BBQ. If you don’t celebrate us daily, we might just stop making your favorites! (Kidding, kidding… kind of.)

7. We are full of instant history lessons

Who needs Google when you’ve got grandma to offer firsthand accounts of events sprinkled with personal anecdotes? Sometimes, if you’re lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it), we may even throw in extra details to keep things spicy.

8. Grandparents can make sneaky and loyal allies

Let’s say you are a child and need backup with your parents… never fear – grandma is here! In fact, most grandmas have a Ph.D. in sneaking extra gifts and defending your most questionable life choices.

9. We make aging look cool

Riding motorcycles, joining TikTok, taking up salsa dancing – today’s grandparents defy the stereotypes. Hey, if you are nice to us, maybe we can share some of our secrets to eternal youth!

10. Double holidays

Let’s not forget the potential double holidays that everyone gets with both sides of their families. Thanks to grandmas and grandpas, most families enjoy two Thanksgivings, two Christmases, and double the festive meals each year. More celebrations mean more love (and food), so we can’t complain.


Can you see what I mean about why every day should be Grandparent’s Day? I know I am a bit biased, but I hope this list gave you a big smile because you deserve it – especially today! 🙂 Happy Grandparent’s Day from your friend, Devoted Grandma.

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