What Grandmas Are Really Thinking During These 14 Emotional Moments

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As grandmas, we tend to wear our hearts on our sleeve and use every opportunity we can to gush to and about our grandkids and share encouraging words when and wherever we can. However, there are certain emotional moments where we tend to stay quiet and keep specific thoughts – good and bad – to ourselves. 

Though these instances will vary from grandma to grandma, I wanted to share a few of these moments that come to mind, beginning with: 

1. Watching grandkids open the gifts you carefully picked out

Thinking: “I hope they love it as much as I loved picking it out for them... but what if they don’t?”

While we know it isn’t about the gifts, we still want our grands to love what we get them – especially when we put time and thought into it! The hope is that this gift will be a reflection of our love and that it brings as much joy to them as they bring to us.

2. Being in family photos

Thinking: “I wish I looked a bit younger, but look at this beautiful family I am part of.”

I sometimes feel self-conscious, wishing I looked the way I did 30 years ago. I know, I know… Yet, in these moments, I also bask in the warmth of pride, being the matriarch of this beautiful family captured in the frame.

3. Hearing ‘Grandma, I Love You’ for the First Time

Thinking: “This is a moment I will hold close to my heart forever.”

These are such small and seemingly minute words, but when you combine them – our hearts swell with indescribable emotion. At that moment, every sacrifice, every story, every cuddle feels validated.

4. Baking with the Grandkids

Thinking: “Will they remember these times and tell their own children about them?”

I hope they cherish these memories as much as I do and continue these traditions with their own families. Oh, and yes – they will remember, and they will tell them!

5. Saying Goodbye After a Visit

Thinking: “The house is going to feel so empty and so quiet without their laughter.”

The silence after the door closes is deafening. My hands tremble, and my heart feels like it could shatter into a million pieces. I miss my grandkids instantly and hope they feel the warmth of my love until we meet again.

6. Receiving Handmade Gifts from Grandkids

Thinking: “These are the true treasures of my life.”

Every scribble and imperfection is perfection to me, and I wonder if they understand just how precious these gifts are to me.

7. Watching Grandkids Sleeping Peacefully

Thinking: “They look just like their parents did at that age.”

Aren’t genetics absolutely fascinating? A wave of nostalgia hits me as I see them so serene, taking me back to when their parents were as young and innocent.

8. Reading a Story Together at Bedtime

Thinking: “These little moments are the ones I cherish the most.”

I don’t know about you, but I tend to lose myself in the pages and their reactions, hoping and praying it’s as magical for them as it is for me.

9. Witnessing Grandkids’ Kind Actions Towards Others

Thinking: “They are growing into such wonderful, caring individuals.”

It’s times like these that we can see that our grandkids are being raised well, whether it be by their parents, grandparents, or other guardians. This is what it is all about, and it is so heartwarming to see!

10. Holding a New Grandchild for the First Time

Thinking: “A new chapter of love just opened in my life.”

It’s hard to describe what it feels like to hold your new grandbaby for the first time. It’s like seeing your heart outside your chest. Time stands still, and you are overcome with a mix of joy, hope, and overwhelming love.

11. Teaching Grandkids a Family Tradition

Thinking: “I hope this tradition lives on through them.”

There’s a silent prayer in my heart that they hold onto these traditions, keep them alive, and pass them down. (As an aside, my family still partakes in some of the same traditions I grew up with, so I like to think my grands will carry it on, too.)

12. Watching Grandkids Play Imaginatively

Thinking: “Their creativity knows no bounds.”

I’m lost in their world, silently cheering on their creativity and hoping it never fades. Was I ever this creative? It is hard to remember, but watching them play gives me little glimpses into what every childhood should be.

13. Seeing Grandkids’ Excitement to Visit Grandma’s House

Thinking: “This is why I bake those cookies and set up the spare room with care.”

The anticipation and joy in their eyes make every preparation worth it. Seeing their excitement upon arrival makes me feel like the most important person in the world.

14. Grandkids Asking for Advice or Sharing a Secret

Thinking: “I am honored to be their confidant.”

Whenever I am asked for my advice or opinion on something – especially by my grandkids – I feel trusted and respected, knowing I’m a safe haven for their precious thoughts and emotions.


At the end of the day, regardless of the highs and lows, the joys and worries, every thought is rooted in a deep, abiding love that only grows with time. To my fellow grandmas: Know that you’re not alone in these sentiments. We’re all part of this extraordinary club of love, guiding the next generation with our boundless affection and quiet reflections.

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