11 Undeniable Reasons Your Grandchild Is Your BEST Companion 

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Do you remember when your kids were little, and they were your little buddies that you would do everything with? Those were the days! It turns out, however, that our grandkids are not only our little buddies (2.0) but also the best companions a grandma can have. 

How blessed are we?!

Let’s celebrate our grandma and grandchild relationship by highlighting the 11 reasons why our grandkids are our best companions:

1. Adventure re-booted

Every outing with grandkids, whether it’s a trip to the park or a visit to the zoo, feels like a new adventure! Our grands bring back the joy of exploration and discovery, which many of us worry we lost years ago.

2. Laughter on repeat

Grandkids are natural comedians. (Seriously – I don’t think I have laughed so hard in my life as I do with my grandbabies.) Their giggles are contagious, and their antics can keep you entertained for hours. Who needs TV when you have live, heartwarming comedy at home?

3. Wisdom swapping

It’s a two-way street with these little ones. We go in thinking that we are the ones who have stories and wisdom to share, but oh, the things they teach us! From the latest technology tips to new dance moves, we’re always learning something new.

4. Purest love

The love between a grandma and her grandchild is unmatched. Who knew such a strong and perfect love existed? (Honey, I love you, but… well, I know you feel the same about our grands! Hehe.) It’s uncomplicated, pure, and fills your heart to the brim. Need I mention that hugs from them are like a little slice of heaven?

5. Energy boost

Need a list? Forget the overpriced coffee, as spending time with grandkids is better than a double espresso! Their energy and zest for life are infectious, making us feel more alive and spirited (and less jittery than we do after a caffeinated beverage).

6. Cuddle time!

There’s nothing quite as soothing as a cuddle session with a grandchild. It’s a moment of peace and love that strengthens the bond, warms the soul, and can turn even the most difficult of days around. If only they knew what magical powers they possess by just being them.

7. Memory makers

Each moment spent with grandchildren is a memory in the making. (This may sound daunting, but it isn’t, as doing even the smallest things together can have the most significant impact.) From baking cookies to reading bedtime stories, these are the moments that become cherished family lore.

8. The joy of giving

Watching their faces light up with a simple surprise or treat is one of the greatest joys. Remember, It’s not about grand gestures – trips to Disney are fun, but trust me, they are NOT necessary. Even the smallest token can bring the biggest smiles!

9. Fresh perspectives

We have been around for a while and have seen and heard many things through the years that have hardened us and made us more cynical. Thank goodness for our grandbabies, who make us see the world differently and often remind us of the simple joys and wonders we might overlook.

10. Tradition keepers

Passing down family traditions to grandkids is a joy. Whether it’s a special recipe or a holiday ritual, seeing these traditions live on is heartwarming. (Just think: Your grandma passed something down to you, and now you can do the same for your grandkids – how wonderful is that?)

11. Ageless fun

With grandkids, age is just a number, as they keep you young at heart and dare you to laugh more, play more, and cherish the small moments. What a gift that is, and they are!


How did we get so blessed to have these incredible little people in our lives? Grandchildren are the greatest gift, and I thank God daily for allowing me to have these perfect companions by my side – I know you feel the same! Enjoy those grands, and let’s talk again soon.

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