8 Ways Your Grandchild Sees The World (And You Should Too!)

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Aren’t grandchildren the absolute best? From their innocence to their hugs to the sweet (and often insightful!) questions they ask, grandchildren genuinely are life’s greatest blessings. There is something else about these beautiful beings that I adore: their perspective on the world around them.

We have been around for a while and have seen and experienced things that have made us harder and more cynical than we like, so it is refreshing to get their fresh perspective and take on things like:

1. Finding the magic in the mundane 

Remember when a floating soap bubble was a wonder? (It is hard for me to remember, but it had to have been when I was a young girl!) To our grandkids, the world is full of such simple, magical delights, from chasing fireflies to watching a flower bloom. Isn’t it a gift to see the world through their eyes?

2. Why?

Every ‘why’ they ask isn’t just a question but a step deeper into understanding the universe around them. “Why do leaves change color?” “Why is the moon out in the day?” Their inquisitiveness reminds us of the countless mysteries of the world.

3. The here and now

The older we get, the quicker the time goes, and it is easy to think ahead and not enjoy the here and now. What a waste! For our grandkids, every moment is a universe in itself. Whether they’re building sandcastles or gazing at clouds, they immerse themselves entirely, teaching us the value of living in the present.

4. A box = endless possibilities

Are you able to look at the most mundane and imagine the most wonderful? I try but fail in comparison to my grandbabies! Who needs fancy toys when an empty box can transform into a pirate ship, a dragon’s cave, or a secret hideout? Their imagination runs wild, turning ordinary objects into extraordinary adventures.

5. An unwavering faith

Be it monsters under the bed or dreams of flying, their world is vast and limitless. They look at us, their guiding stars, with unwavering faith, reminding us of the power of trust and love. I pray that they can always look to us for this kind of reassurance and love.

6. Bravery (in smaller steps)

The pride in their eyes after taking those first solo bicycle rides or the determination to scale the tallest slide at the park – they exemplify courage in its most genuine form! May we grandmas learn from their courage and determination.

7. Marveling at life’s simplest pleasures

A colorful rainbow after a drizzle, a caterpillar’s slow dance, or the tales the wind whispers – our grandkids find happiness in life’s subtlest moments, bringing us back to nature’s embrace. (What a wonderful gift that is/they are!)

8. Seeing goodness all around

As I mentioned in the intro, with age comes hardened hearts, as we have seen and experienced many things in our lives. Thank goodness for the innocent eyes of children, whose hearts are free of prejudices. From sharing a toy with a new friend to comforting a hurt pet, they see and spread love effortlessly, and can often spot kindness in places we might overlook.


Isn’t it a blessing to see the world through the lens of our grandchildren? Their innocence, enthusiasm, and boundless curiosity are gentle reminders to pause, cherish, and dive into the wonder of life. Now, let’s celebrate this gift and dance in the joyous wonder that is our grandchild’s perspective.

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