9 Deep-Rooted Emotions Only Grandmothers Truly Understand

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When you are a grandma, there are just some things that only you and your fellow matriarchs genuinely understand. Sure, becoming a mom breaks and rebuilds you in ways you never knew possible, but it is even more intense when you are a grandma. (It’s almost impossible to describe, but if you are a grandma, you know what I am talking about.)

While it is hard to describe the feeling adequately, I am going to try my hardest via these 9 deep-rooted emotions that only grandmothers genuinely understand: 

1. Seeing the world anew

When you watch your grandkids discover the world for the first time, it’s like seeing the universe through a fresh set of eyes again. Just like it was when you had little kids, you get to see and experience everything through the eyes of a child, making it a regular childhood 2.0 (or 3.0, since your second go-around was when your kids were little)! That same amazement you once felt as a mother takes on a new depth, tinted with the wisdom and experiences of age.

2. Intensified pride

You’ve felt pride before, especially for your own children, but the pride for a grandchild is different. How? It’s hard to explain, but it is almost like it is layered with the accomplishment of this young soul and the realization that your offspring are now shaping futures. What could be better?

3. Protective instinct multiplied

As a mother, your protective instincts were like a lioness. But as a grandma? They’re that of the matriarch elephant leading the pack, so everybody else better watch out, as every risk seems heightened, every potential harm magnified, and the urge to shield is almost overpowering. (Mama bears have nothing on the matriarch elephant!)

4. Boundless, unconditional love

Of course, you’ve loved unconditionally before (you have your own kids, after all!). But the love for your grandchild? It’s as if all the love you felt as a mother has now been magnified and distilled into its purest form. Don’t you wish we could bottle up and sell this feeling?

5. Nostalgic joy

There’s a unique blend of happiness and a touch of melancholy when reminiscing about your children’s milestones as you witness your grandkids reach theirs. Enjoy every second – not everyone gets the enormous blessing of watching both their kids and grandkids grow.

6. Your family’s legacy

The desire to pass on traditions, stories, and lessons becomes more pressing with each new generation. It’s not just about remembering the past but ensuring that the essence of the family legacy continues for generations to come, so tell those family tales and share those pictures. They are morcriticalnt than most of us realize.

7. Patience re-imagined

With age comes a different kind of patience. It’s an understanding that the little things, like spills or tantrums, are fleeting. You’ve seen how quickly children grow, and now you cherish even imperfect moments. (As an aside, one of my biggest regrets as a parent is that I wasn’t more patient and soft-spoken with my children, so you better believe I am doing things differently with my grandbabies.)

8. A renewed sense of purpose

Just when you thought your major life chapters were behind you, being a grandma gives you a new and profound meaning. No, I am not just talking about the grandkids (though that is extremely important) but also supporting your own child in their parenting journey.

9. The silent ache

While grandparenting is mostly the highest of highs, there are also hard parts, like the emotion that lingers when the grandkids leave after a visit. It’s hard to explain this sad feeling, as it is an indescribable mix of satisfaction from the time spent together, coupled with the quiet yearning to keep them close, always.


To every grandmother reading this, nodding along and recognizing these feelings, know that you are part of a unique sisterhood – A group that understands the depths and heights of these emotions, which are as profound as they are beautiful. It is great to have you along! 🙂

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