The Ultimate Back-to-School Gift Guide For Grandmas Everywhere

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Kids LOVE receiving gifts, and with my love language being gift-giving, I always look for any excuse to surprise my grandbabies with something. Because of this (and the emotions that come with going back to school), I have sent each of my grandkids a back-to-school gift from when they begin preschool to when they graduate college. 

Since I am always looking for the best gifts, I wanted to share some ideas, all of which are divided by age and price point (low, medium, and high). Happy shopping! 

Back-to-school gifts for preschoolers

Low: DoodleJamz JellyBoards

Preschoolers are so very creative – and so very messy! DoodleJamz JellyBoards allow your preschool grandchild to doodle and create, all without the worry and mess that comes with using paint, markers, or other artistic mediums.

Medium: Mgaolo Children’s Camera Toys for 3-12 Years Old Kids Boys Girls, HD Digital Video Camera with Protective Silicone Cover

Do you ever wish that you could see the world through your grandchild’s eyes? With a drop-proof camera like this, you can! (Bonus: It comes in 5 different vibrant colors.)

High: Gentle Monster Wooden Wobble Balance Board

Preschoolers have A LOT of energy, and this ingenious balance board is an excellent way for them to both burn some of it AND improve their strength and balance.

Back-to-school gifts for elementary kids

Low: Educational Insights Kanoodle 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle Game

After a long day at school, nothing is better than unwinding with a fun game. Kanoodle is the PERFECT game and is even TikTok famous (it became a viral sensation and has sold over three million puzzles).

Medium: Admitrack Tortilla Wrap Blanket

Blankets (or any comfort item!) always make a great gift – especially when they look like a burrito. If quirky isn’t your – or your grandchild’s – thing, you can always opt for a fleece blanket resembling a mermaid tail or a shark.

High: OUTREE Kids Pod Swing Seat Cotton Child Hammock Chair for Indoor and Outdoor

Where were these cozy hammocks when we were kids? What a fun (and comfortable) way to cozy up with a good book!

Back-to-school gifts for middle schoolers

Low: Money Gift Box Puzzle

The price of the maze itself is low, but the value may increase significantly depending on what you place on the inside 😉

Medium: Purple Round Rug for Bedroom

In middle school, kids start to figure out what they like and how to express themselves, which goes hand-in-hand with their room decor. Gift them and their room some personality with this soft and fluffy rug that comes in a wide array of colors.

High: Kindle Oasis E-reader

If your grand is a bookworm, the Kindle makes an excellent gift, as the cost of books is lower, AND it makes nighttime reading much more convenient.

Back-to-school gifts for high schoolers

Low: WJLYP X5 Cable Protector 5Pack

Not only will these cord protectors keep your grands’ charging cables protected and like new, but they are also so darn cute!

Medium: ZHOPPY Night Light Bluetooth Speaker for Teenage Girls/Boys

Teenagers love their music (if you can call it that – don’t tell them I said it!), so a Bluetooth speaker – especially one that looks this sleek – is always a win.

High: Custom Neon Signs, YSMNDE Personalized Name Neon Light

Would it be weird for me to get a light-up neon sign that says “Grandma”? Or should I save these for the high school grands?

Back-to-school gifts for college students

Low: Soundbot SB210 HD Stereo Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Smart Cable Knit Beanie Headset

Walking to class day in and day out can be a chore, so listening to some good music with this warm and comfortable beanie can make a repetitive task a little more enjoyable.

Medium: WHAT DO YOU MEME? New Phone, Who Dis?

After a long week of classes and studying, it is time to kick back with friends and enjoy! This game is highly rated and is supposed to be popular amongst teens and young adults.

High: Amazfit Band 5 Activity Fitness Tracker with Alexa Built-in

Remember what I said earlier about having to walk to and from class? This is a great way to keep track of all of those steps! (As an aside, I own this and actually love it more than I did the expensive, name-brand fitness tracker.)


I hope you find something (or 15-somethings, hehe) that your grandchild will love! Since I buy almost everything on Amazon (gotta love that two-day Prime shipping!), all of these can also be found there. Happy shopping, my fellow Devoted Grandma!

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