April 10th, 2023: A Devoted Dad’s Amazing Sacrifice, an Unlikely Reunion, and Some Good News For Dogs

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Here at Devoted Grandma, I’m all about trying to make your life better… even if it’s just a single smile, laugh, or helpful tip. That’s my entire goal! So I thought maybe an occasional article that sums up some of the latest good, uplifting news out there might be enjoyable.

Check out these stories below for a daily dose of positivity.

Devoted Dad Loses 79 Pounds to Donate Kidney to Son

In an inspiring act of love and determination, Daniel Kablutsiak from Arviat, Nunavut, managed to lose 79 pounds in order to become an organ donor for his 16-year-old son, Hunter, who suffers from stage 5 kidney disease. Focused on diet and exercise, Daniel transformed his lifestyle to ensure he met the weight requirement for organ donation. With his wife Francine as his support, Daniel reached his goal weight of 195 pounds after 13 months of hard work. In a happy coincidence, he received the call confirming his eligibility as an organ donor on his birthday. The life-changing kidney transplant is scheduled for June, and both father and son are eagerly looking forward to a brighter future. Daniel hopes his journey can inspire others facing challenges to persevere and achieve their goals.

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Heartwarming Reunion After Earthquake Tragedy

In a touching story of hope and resilience, a mother and her infant daughter have been reunited in Turkey, nearly two months after a devastating earthquake tore through the region. The three-and-a-half-month-old “miracle baby” Vetin was miraculously found unharmed in the rubble, over five days after the disaster. A DNA test confirmed the mother’s identity, leading to an emotional reunion at a hospital in Adana. The Minister of Family and Social Services, Derya Yanik, stated that reuniting a mother and child is one of the most precious tasks in the world. Despite the immense loss of life in the tragedy, this heartwarming reunion has brought a glimmer of hope and joy to those affected by the disaster.

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Missing 7-Year-Old Boy Found Safe in Los Angeles

In a relieving turn of events, a 7-year-old boy who went missing from Arlington Heights has been found safe and in good health, as reported by the Los Angeles Police Department. Derek Clay was discovered walking in downtown Los Angeles after disappearing from his apartment complex the previous day. His grandfather, Donald Lewis, who has custody of Derek, expressed immense relief, stating that it was uncharacteristic of the boy to be away from home for so long. The police, aided by bloodhounds, had been actively searching the neighborhood before Derek was eventually found.

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Ohio Bans Gas Chambers for Euthanasia in Animal Shelters

Ohio has taken a significant step in promoting animal welfare by banning the use of gas chambers for euthanasia at animal shelters. This move strengthens Goddard’s Law, which classifies felony animal abuse crimes as acts of violence. Senate Bill 164, signed by Gov. Mike DeWine and made effective on April 3, received strong support from the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL) and other animal advocates. APL Executive Assistant Hannah MacIntyre stated that this law will not only protect companion animals but also benefit people and society. The new law ensures that those who commit offenses against animals will have it on their record for a lifetime, emphasizing the importance of humane treatment for all living creatures.

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Artistic Doctor Personalizes Casts to Bring Smiles to Kids at Chicago Hospital

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Felicity Fishman at Shriners Children’s Hospital in Chicago is adding an unexpected touch of joy to children’s cast treatments. Dr. Fishman personalizes their casts with art, drawing everything from dinosaurs and sharks to beloved characters like SpongeBob and Elsa using sterilized markers. This unique approach helps alleviate anxiety for the young patients, giving them something to look forward to during an otherwise challenging time. The cast art, which is a team effort involving the entire staff, allows children to regain a sense of autonomy and brings happiness during their recovery. Some children even form a special attachment to the artwork, feeling sad when it’s time for the cast to be removed. Dr. Fishman’s artistic talents bring smiles to her patients’ faces, complementing her medical expertise in promoting healing.

That’s a wrap for April 10th’s edition of good news. Hope you enjoyed it!

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