Woman With Alzheimer’s Lights Up When She Recognizes Photo On Husband’s Apron

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Alzheimer’s is such a terrible disease. If you live long enough, chances are you end up knowing someone suffering from it. But just as with everything else in life, you still have to try to find those little moments of joy in life because every single second is precious. In the video below, we see one family’s heartwarming moment as the wife/mother battles the disease…

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Grandpa decides to have an apron made with the photo from their wedding day put on it. He wants to see if his wife will recognize it and how she will react. So one day they sit her down at the table, and Bob walks into the room while wearing the apron.

The conversation goes back and forth a bit, and Betty doesn’t quite recognize the people in the photo. Their son, Joshua, is recording the moment hoping to catch a good reaction they can hold onto as a special memory. “Who do you think is on his apron?”

Bob points to the photo of himself on the apron and asks Betty who she thinks that is. And you can see as the memories start coming back and flooding Betty’s mind when they state that it’s a wedding photo. She lights up and says, “That’s my guy!” to which Grandpa responds, “That’s my girl!” 🥹

How amazing that the photo was able to bring back the past like that for Betty. They’ll cherish this forever! See the special moment in the video below:

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