Baby Fawn Claims Worker As Her New Mom, Demands To Be Spoiled

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I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen anything like this; It’s like something straight out of a Disney movie or a children’s show!

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In the video below, we have some line workers who were out trimming trees to clear a path for some more electric lines when they came across a little fawn tangled up in some thorns and brush. She was all alone, and they worked to free the baby deer. But when they got her loose, she was still pretty shaken up and started to freak out…

So the one worker, in a moment of quick thinking, decided to pick her up and start rubbing her belly. And this worked a little too well, as you’re about to see!

The baby deer was instantly spoiled by this, and any time they went to set her down to let her go, she threw a fit until they picked her back up! It seems as if she has claimed a new mother, and I’m pretty sure that’s legally binding! 😉

But have no fear; The thought that if a human touches a deer and its mother smells the scent that she’ll abandon her young is a myth. The fact of the matter is if a fawn has been handled by a human and has human scent on it, the doe will still accept her offspring. The deer just spent 7 months carrying this fawn, and human scent won’t make her give it up.

See the amazing moment in the video here:

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