Baby Stops Crying The Moment He Hears Mom’s Voice For The First Time

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“Along came this little miracle and no day was ever ordinary again.”

There’s nothing on this planet like bringing a little one into this world. You instantly feel this great sense of responsibility to do everything possible to ensure the best life and health for your child going forward. It’s a brand new chapter, and one that is a little scary at times but also the most rewarding.

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In the video below, we have three-month-old Mason. His parents discovered he was deaf around two months old and were devastated to think he would never hear their voices. But through modern medicine and by the grace of God, his fate would change on this day. And Mom and Dad would have their prayers answered…

At Children’s Healthcare in Atlanta, Brooke and Jacob wait as their little boy is fitted with a hearing aid. The staff encourages Mom to rock the baby on her knee to help distract him while they put it in. But the little boy is just crying and crying…

All of a sudden, a tense moment for everyone becomes everything they’d hoped for. The instant Mason hears his parents’ voices, he stops crying. And then he gets that smile on his face! His response left them shocked and so happy at the same time, and they decided to share the video for all to see. I can’t imagine the joy they felt here!

See the incredible moment in the video below:

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