Sick Girl Healed After ‘Guardian Angel’ Is Seen Near Her Hospital Room

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Do you believe in guardian angels? Do you think we all have our own personal entity looking out for us during trying times? There has been what can be considered lots of evidence of this over the years. Of course, you could also think these are big coincidences. I, for one, love to believe that I have a guardian angel at my side to help when the going gets tough!

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In the video below, we see a girl named Chelsea. She was born five weeks premature and had been plagued with health problems ever since. And this past September, a severe bout of pneumonia put her in the hospital on a ventilator. After two months, doctors said there was nothing else they could do. That’s when Mom had to make the heartbreaking decision to take Chelsea off life support. But fate had other plans…

That’s when a flare of bright light was caught on the security camera right outside of Chelsea’s room. And it was just moments later that doctors came back to Mom with good news.

Chelsea’s condition had miraculously improved! Can you believe it? Doctors, nurses, everyone, was left stunned and amazed. Chelsea ended up being cleared to go home from the hospital to spend that Christmas with her family and celebrate her 15th birthday. And her mother says it’s all thanks to the girl’s guardian angel. What a stunning story!

What do you think? Do you believe? See the moment in the video below and judge for yourself:

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