Elephant Comes Running To The Rescue When Her Caretaker Is Attacked

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Some of the most pure, unconditional love you’ll find in this world comes from animals. Many of us know what great companions dogs make for us, but do you think of elephants in that same way? They are actually the gentle giants of the safari, and when they find themselves on a conservation, they’ll learn that these people are there to help them and become attached to their caretakers.

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In the video below, we see this bond in action when the caretaker is “attacked.” He’s taken to the ground after another man runs at him, but his guardian and protector isn’t far behind! Thongsri the 17-year-old elephant sees what’s going on and comes running to his aid…

Obviously, this attack was all staged in order to see how the elephant would react in such a situation. She didn’t know that, and her true feelings for her caretaker were revealed and captured on video for all to see! 🙂

How incredibly precious is that? And so intelligent on the elephant’s part to realize who feeds and cares for her and to take it to the next level to protect that person. The lesson learned here? Just because a wild animal is huge and furless doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings! 😛

See the cute moment in the video below!

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