Mom Hears Whipped Cream Canister In The Kitchen And Walks In On The Culprit

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Dogs will be dogs. And one thing by now is certain: They’re definitely smarter than anyone gives them credit for! If you’re lucky enough to have a furry companion, you understand. You can’t put anything past them. And once you feel like you finally have things figured out, they seem to find another way to bend the rules you never would’ve thought of!

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As for the mom in the video below, she thought her kids were up to it once again. She heard the sound of a whipped cream canister coming from the kitchen and thought it must be one of the children doing what she has told them repeatedly not to do—eating whipped cream straight from the nozzle. So she went into the kitchen to investigate totally expecting to see that…

But what she saw instead was a “kid” of a totally different type. It was the adopted one with fur! She was taken aback and actually so impressed by what she saw, she couldn’t even stay mad! 😀

Luckily, she caught in instance on camera and uploaded it to YouTube for everyone to witness for themselves. Because I gotta be honest, it would be hard for me to believe or picture just going by the story alone. But here it is in all its glory! Can you believe it? Too funny!

See the hilarious moment in the video below!

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