Angel Joins In As Baby Praises God In Church

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There’s nothing better than seeing the love of God flow through those closest to you. You know this feeling, and it’s one you’ve wished upon your loved ones for so long. And now that they’re experiencing it, it’s a shared love to walk in for life. And the younger they are when they come to this “finding God” moment, the better!

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You can’t force this feeling upon a toddler, it’s as natural a thing as can be. You know it’s real. That’s why the video below is so special. The little one is at church with the family and is feeling it, and the baby clearly has the Holy Spirit in and all around her. If that’s not precious enough, the camera appears to capture an angel joining in on the praise…

The little girl’s emotions are not going unnoticed here, and she is definitely not alone. You can see what looks like a red ribbon waving back and forth in the background accompanied by an orb caught on video!

Is this the little girl’s guardian angel looking over her? Or is it an angel confirming the presence of the love of God in the building? Regardless, you can’t help but feel like it’s not a coincidence. And whether or not you believe in angels, seeing this toddler so engaged in worship is amazing! 🙂

See the moment in the video below and judge for yourself.

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