Amazon Driver Goes Above & Beyond To Deliver More Than Packages On This Day

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Heroes don’t always wear capes. In fact, sometimes they drive delivery vans!

In a neighborhood in the Woburn area near Boston, Amazon delivery driver John Cassabria was on his route when his entire day turned on its head in a hurry. He noticed at one home that there was what appeared to be a snout sticking up from the backyard swimming pool, and he didn’t hesitate to leave the packages behind and jump the fence!

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It turned out 14-year-old Husky Luka had somehow made it out of the house and gotten into the pool all on her own. Her family was away on vacation, and no one was around to help. Thankfully, John was in the right place at the right time in order to save the day!

John jumped into the deep end of the pool in his delivery uniform and all and worked to get the dog to solid ground. The family was just hours into their vacation when they received a phone call explaining the entire situation, and they were beside themselves yet super thankful for John’s actions that day!

A dog bone was later found wrapped in the pool’s vacuum cord, and it is believed Luka may have gone in the water in order to try and fetch it. Wow, what a close call! The family will take further precautions in the future to help prevent something like this from ever happening again, but this situation was avoided with no harm done. And it’s all thanks to one driver who delivered above and beyond his normal duties!

See the incredible moment in the video below!

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