Generation Bridge: 11-13 Year Old Edition

(100+ question cards included)

Welcome to a truly immersive bonding experience with the Generation Bridge, this one thoughtfully crafted for grandmas and their pre-teen grandchildren aged 11-13. This isn’t just another game; it’s an engaging, enriching journey that builds bridges between generations through conversation and shared stories!

At an age of burgeoning curiosity and expanding horizons, your grandchild is ready to learn, grow, and understand the world in new ways. Our game is designed to tap into their inquisitive nature, with intriguing questions that elicit thoughtful conversations and shared learning experiences. As you engage with each card, you’ll have a chance to share your wisdom, experiences, and love in a way that resonates with their emerging perspectives.

Choose to print the cards for a more tangible play experience, or opt to keep things digital and read the prompts directly from your phone or computer. Whether you’re sharing a cozy afternoon together or connecting from afar, this game offers flexibility to fit your bonding moments wherever they occur.

With Generation Bridge, you’ll learn more about your grandchild’s dreams, ideas, and their unique view of the world. In turn, they’ll delight in the chance to get to know you better, gaining insight into their heritage, your life experiences, and the wisdom that only you can share.

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