Thanksgiving Storytime Is A Festive Way To Spend Time With Your Grandkids

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There is nothing like sharing a great book or story with your grandkids. Even better? When your story coincides with a season or holiday, like Thanksgiving! While Thanksgiving isn’t necessarily known for its storybooks, plenty of beautiful picture and chapter books capture the heart of the season.

If you are ready to cuddle up with your grands and some great books, you will want to stock up at the library and then cuddle close for a festive Thanksgiving storytime. Here is everything you need to make it happen: 


  • A selection of Thanksgiving-themed books
  • Cozy blankets and pillows
  • A comfortable reading spot
  • Soft lighting
  • Hot cocoa or warm cider
  • Snacks
  • Storytime props (optional)
  • A craft activity

1. Set the scene

Arrange the reading area with comfortable seating, blankets, and pillows, and ensure the lighting is soft and welcoming.

2. Gather everyone together

Invite the grandkids and family members to settle down in the cozy area you’ve set up!

3. Serve warm beverages and snacks

Hand out mugs of hot cocoa or cider and some light snacks before the storytime begins. (Does anyone else think that homemade chocolate chip cookies and popcorn go best with a great book?)

4. Start with a family tale

Begin by sharing a personal family story related to Thanksgiving, whether it be a cherished memory, a family tradition, or a lesson learned during past celebrations.

5. Read aloud

Now comes the fun part: Choose the first book and start reading aloud! You can make it even more engaging by using different voices for characters or pausing to discuss the story.

6. Interactive elements

If you go the prop route, you can break them out to bring the story to life. While you do this, you can encourage your grandkids to act out parts or answer questions about the story.

7. Craft time

After reading, it is time to transition to a Thanksgiving-themed craft activity! (This could be as simple as making a handprint turkey or creating a gratitude tree.)

8. Closing thoughts

End the session by talking about what everyone is thankful for. This is an excellent opportunity to teach your grands to express their thoughts and feelings!


Do you feel a new Thanksgiving tradition coming on? Me, too! What a fun way to enjoy a cozy night with your family. I pray that you enjoy this simple yet impactful activity. Oh, and let’s talk again soon!

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