Lunar Journaling With Your Grandkids Is The Definition Of Out of This World Fun

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I love watching the night skies with my grandkids, especially when some celestial event occurs. Though we take lots of pictures and talk about our findings, the recent supermoon got me thinking: How fun would it be to come outside every night for a set amount of time and record our results in a journal? (You know how much I love journals!) 

With this idea, lunar journaling – noting the moon’s changing phases and discussing its effects on the tides, moods, and the folklore surrounding it – was born! Keeping a lunar journal is easy, fun, and educational, and I will give you all the details on how to do it.

What is lunar journaling?

Lunar journaling isn’t just about jotting down what you see in the night sky but understanding the different lunar phases and how they might connect with your emotions, thoughts, and life events. (I invite you to research this and find some books or YouTube videos to share with your grands – it is truly fascinating!)

How to start lunar journaling with your grandkids

  1. Moon gazing nights: Dedicate evenings to sit outside and watch the moon together. If you like, you can share stories of what the moon looked like during Grandma’s childhood or general stories/memories.
  2. Dedicated journals: Both grandma and grandkid can have their own journals or even share one, as this/these will be the place to jot down stories, dreams, and maybe even little doodles inspired by the moon.
  3. Sync with the moon’s phases: Start with the New Moon, noting its tiny crescent, and gradually work your way up to the Full Moon. Each phase has its own tale. Maybe the crescent moon was like a slim boat grandma once rode? Or perhaps it looks like a magical bow to the grandkids? Have fun with this!
  4. Reflect, share, and record: After moon-gazing, sit together and discuss what you felt. Did the moon remind you of a lullaby you heard as a child? Does your grandkid imagine it as a giant cookie in the sky? Write it all down.

Benefits of journaling together

  • Learning and sharing: For grandkids, this is a chance to learn about the cycles of nature. For grandmas, it’s revisiting memories with a fresh perspective.
  • Creative expression: Encourage each other to draw or illustrate your thoughts about the moon. Remember, it’s not about the best drawing but about the most heartfelt one.
  • Building memories: Over time, this journal becomes a treasure trove of shared moments and tales that bridge generation gaps. My hope is that it becomes a special heirloom/memory, too!


Lunar journaling, when done together, becomes more than an activity, but a shared voyage of discovery, bridging the age gap with stories of the past, dreams of the future, and the ever-present beauty of the moon. I hope you enjoy these quiet evenings outdoors as much as I have. Oh, and happy journaling!

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