How to Host a Downright Refreshing Lemonade Stand With Your Grandkids

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Is there anything more refreshing on a hot summer day than a glass of ice-cold lemonade? This refreshing drink, which was popular when we were kids, is as iconic as ever and is easy to find at every store, restaurant, and gas station. While the drink itself is nostalgic, so is making a pitcher to make a little extra money!

If you and your grandkids are up for a little money-making fun this summer, I highly recommend setting up an old-fashioned stand in your neighborhood! (Believe me: it’s fun for all ages.)

Benefits of hosting a lemonade stand with your grandkids

Lemonade stand

While making lemonade and hosting a stand is just plain fun, it comes with an array of other benefits for both you and the grandkids, including:

  1. Wholesome Bonding: It’s all about brewing memories while you stir up that lemonade! Who knew that the journey from dreaming up a lemonade stand to actually running it together could make for such a delightful bonding experience?
  2. Lil’ Boss in Making: Can you think of a better way to nurture the budding entrepreneur in your grandkid? Me neither! This delightful venture introduces them to the ABCs of business—from investment to profits—all in the most fun and practical manner.
  3. Coins and Cents: A lemonade stand is the perfect playground to understand the value of money, as it involves handling cash, counting change, and realizing that hard work translates into those coins. It’s truly a lesson money can’t buy!
  4. Little Big Responsibilities: From keeping time to serving with a smile, this lemonade venture will sprinkle a dash of responsibility into the mix, subtly teaching them about work ethics and commitment.
  5. The Art of Chatter: Interacting with folks in the neighborhood will whip up your grandkid’s social skills, helping them master communication and deal with different customer requests—now that’s a recipe for building confidence!
  6. Creative Concoctions: Despite the name, a lemonade stand isn’t just about the lemonade – it’s a canvas for your grandchild’s imagination! From designing the stand to crafting fun signs and figuring out prices, lemonade stands are a sweet treat for your grands’ creativity.
  7. Problem-Solving Puzzles: While hosting a stand is mostly fun, running one can come with its own challenges, teaching your grandkid to think on their feet. Talk about solving problems one cup at a time!
  8. Community Connect: The stand will be more than just a hub for quenching thirst, as it’s a chance to connect with the community and visit with neighbors old and new.
  9. Summer Fun: Let’s not forget that lemonade stands are a whole lot of fun! Stirring up lemonade on a sun-kissed day and serving it with a smile is a classic summer delight for everyone involved.

Tips to make your lemonade stand even better

Children at a lemonade stand

You and your grandchild are all set for a lemon-infused adventure, but how do you squeeze the most out of this delightful escapade? Here are my tips for running a successful lemonade stand, guaranteed to bring in customers and smiles!

  1. Location, Location, Location: Pick a spot that sees a lot of foot traffic. If you’re on a quiet street, consider teaming up with a friend who lives in a busier neighborhood. Remember, the more folks passing by, the more glasses you’ll sell!
  2. Lemonade Like No Other: Make your lemonade stand out! Maybe you add a secret ingredient or offer options like strawberry lemonade or even a lemonade slushie. Get creative, and make a beverage that’ll have folks coming back for seconds.
  3. Pricing it Right: Ask yourself, “What would Goldilocks do?” as you need your pricing to be not too high or not too low. It’s a summer treat, after all, and you want folks to enjoy it without burning a hole in their pocket! Factor in your cost to make each glass (the ingredients, price per cup, etc.) and what profit you are most comfortable with.
  4. Inviting Stand Design: A cheery, eye-catching stand can draw in customers from a mile away. Let your grandkid’s creativity shine here. Balloons, banners, hand-drawn signs – literally anything that screams ‘summer fun’ is perfect!
  5. Friendly Service with a Smile: Teach your grandkid the golden rule of service: serve with a smile! A warm greeting and a cheery thank you can do wonders for your little business.
  6. Weather Watch: Keep an eye on the weather. A sweltering hot day is perfect for your thirst-quenching venture, but a rainy day? Not so much. Be ready to move your operation indoors if need be.
  7. Promote, Promote, Promote: Shout it from the rooftops – err, maybe not literally – but do let your friends, family, and neighbors know. Use social media to spread the word. Remember, the more, the merrier!
  8. Keep it Clean: Keep your stand and serving area clean and tidy, as it’s not only more inviting but also essential for food safety.
  9. Extra, Extra: Have some extras handy, like napkins, straws, or even a few chairs for those who might want to relax a bit.


Lemonade Stand Supplies

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What do you think – is this a “sweet” idea or what? (Hehe!) What are you waiting for? Grab a pitcher, round up your grandchild, and dive into this sunny adventure. Trust me, the return on investment is a summer full of laughter, learning, and lemonade. Have fun!

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