You And Your Grandkids Can Make A Merry Tune With These Homemade Wind Chimes

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I love blustery days, especially when I am inside my home, where it is safe and cozy. While the sound of the wind is often accompanied by the sounds of rain or thunderstorms (more of my favorite things!), it can also include the merry tune of wind chimes, which I have placed outside my front and back doors. 

Though the happy songs of wind chimes are lovely enough on their own, I find them even sweeter when made with love by my grandkids and me, as it brings back happy memories of a crafty afternoon! If you, too, would like to create your own set of magical wind chimes with your grandkids, you will want to begin with these standard supplies: 


  • Various shapes and sizes of old keys, spoons, or small metal items (to catch the wind and make the music!)
  • A sturdy stick, wooden hoop, or metal ring (this will serve as the base of the chime)
  • Fishing line, twine, or colorful yarn (to hang your chimes)
  • Beads or shells (for added decoration and charm)
  • Paints and paintbrushes (if you and the little ones want to add some color)

1. Collect your supplies

Start your day with a treasure hunt around the house or yard for old keys, spoons, or any metal objects that can dance in the wind. You can involve your grandkids and let them feel like little explorers finding hidden gems!

2. Get creative

Set up a painting station if you’d like your chimes to be colorful. Let the little artists – AKA your grand(s) – unleash their creativity, painting the keys, stick or hoop, and beads in their favorite colors.

3. Stringing time

Help your grandkids cut the twine or fishing line into varying lengths, tying one end of each string securely to your chosen metal items.

4. Beading bonanza

Before tying the other end of the strings to the stick or hoop, let your grandkids thread their choice of beads onto the string, which adds a personal touch and a bit of sparkle to the chimes. (It’s a great fine motor skills exercise for them, too!)

5. Assembly line with grandma

Here comes the teamwork! Help your grandkids tie the free ends of the strings to the stick or hoop, spacing them out and varying the heights for a nice visual effect.

6. The finishing touch

Cut a longer piece of twine, and tie each end to the sides of the stick or hoop. This will be what you use to hang your wind chimes.

7. Hang and enjoy

Find the perfect spot in the garden or on the porch, where the wind will catch your chimes and fill the air with their music. Hang the chimes and enjoy the anticipation in your grandkids’ eyes as they wait for the first breeze.

8. Reflect and snap a photo

As you sit back and listen to the sweet sound of your wind chimes, take a moment to talk with your grandkids about the day. What was their favorite part? What would they name their wind chime? These questions not only make them think but also help you learn more about how they see the world. Before the day is over, make sure to also take a photo of the kids with their new wind chimes! (It’s a keepsake for you and a future ‘Remember when?’ for them.)


When you lead the grands in making homemade wind chimes, you’re not just making wind chimes but building lifelong memories, teaching patience and creativity, and reveling in the joy that comes from creating something beautiful together. Plus, every time the wind plays its tune, you and your grandkids will be reminded of your special day together. How’s that for a grandma-grandkids bonding time? 😉

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